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Handy GTA Online trick completes Import/Export missions in record time

Published: 2/Aug/2020 15:11

by Connor Bennett


Grand Theft Auto Online players have got a handy trick that lets them complete Import and Export missions much more efficiently and not waste so much time towards the finish point. 

As anyone who has hit the streets of Los Santos will know, GTA Online is full of different missions and activities to complete. The overwhelming majority of these come from Rockstar’s different updates – be they full-blown new DLCs or just slight changes.

One of the most popular updates came in the form of Import/Export. The add-on, which was released back in 2016, lets players steal cars from rivals in the session and sell them for major money. 


The missions are, somewhat, pretty simple but can take up some serious time to complete – especially at the end when taking a car to a warehouse. Though, some players have got a handy trick to cut down on the time. 

Rockstar Games
Import and Export missions require you to steal a number of different cars.

How to complete Import/Export missions fast in GTA Online

The tip was posted by Reddit user Im_Sad_Fox, who noted that, by opening up the pause menu as you’re approaching the final destination, you won’t have to deal with the following loading screen.

Yes, it really is that simple. As you approach the warehouse or whatever drop off spot you’re tasked with driving to, open up the pause menu as you hit the yellow completion circle and the mission will finish there and then. 


Your character will be seen walking out of the warehouse and then you’ll be free to find another job. 

I just learned you can import vehicle cargo and stay outside your I/E warehouse by going into your menu. from gtaonline

The trick is pretty helpful for those players who want to get things finished and then continue on with their grind in an efficient fashion.

There are other tips and tricks that you can use for specific import/export missions – including keeping helicopters pilot alive so that waves of enemies don’t spawn and chase you – but this one is purely about moving past a mission quickly.