GTA Online next major update: Release date, leaks, more

by Connor Bennett
Rockstar Games


Grand Theft Auto Online players have been waiting for over six months for a major update to the game. With leaks claiming that some ideas are in the works, we take a look at what might be coming next.

GTA Online has been awash with major updates in the last few years – giving players more to do around Los Santos. We’ve seen businesses added through Import/Export, Gunrunning, and Nightclubs – while players have also had the chance to gamble at, and ultimately steal from, the Diamond Casino. 

The Casino heist update was the last major change to GTA Online, coming all the way back on December 12, 2019. With the summer upon use, players have been hoping to see more from Rockstar. So, let’s see what could be in store next. 


Rockstar Games
Updates have added plenty of things to do in GTA Online.

Will GTA Online's next update be Cops N Crooks?

The most recent leaks for GTA’s next major update have claimed that the popular Cops N Crooks mode would be making its return. These claims came from Reddit user LoremIpsumLoremIpsu, who added that Rockstar insiders had apparently backed up their information.

According to the claims, Cops N Crooks would have well released by now – or at least been announced – so it’s unknown whether or not Rockstar is actually planning to bring the GTA IV game mode back. 


Rockstar Games
Cops N Crooks was apparently set to be GTA Online's next major update.

Will there be a GTA Online summer DLC update released?

If they aren’t planning to do so, that means that they’ve got something new in mind – and it actually might not be that much longer of a wait. 

While the majority of GTA Online updates have come without much of a set schedule, in the previous two years, Rockstar have dropped updates in mid to late July. The Diamond Casino was introduced on July 23, while the After Hours update came on July 24, 2018.


Will GTA Online's next update launch on PS5 and Xbox Series X?

Though, with the announcement that Rockstar will be moving GTA Online over to the next-gen, some fans have theorized that launches of the PS5 and Xbox Series X will mark the next update. 

The trailer that revealed that GTA Online would be free-to-play on next-gen showed all of the major updates that have ever been released. Couple that hint with the fact that Rockstar would have more power to play with, and it seems plausible that they’re holding off on the update for now.


As of now, it is pretty much just a waiting game until the iconic developers decide to reveal what they’re doing. 

When they do decide to make an announcement, or a leak makes it way to the surface, we’ll be sure to update this post.