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GTA Online update: Unique vehicles, Lucky Wheel & Twitch Prime rewards

Published: 24/Jan/2020 11:20

by Connor Bennett


Rockstar Games have dropped the latest content update for GTA Online and players can get their hands on a pretty unique vehicle, as well as some free bonuses to expand their criminal empires.

For more than six years, Grand Theft Auto fans have been returning to Los Santos and GTA Online to cause havoc in the sandbox that Rockstar Games has bestowed upon them.

To keep the players coming back, though, the developers have pumped out regular updates among their major changes just to keep things fresh. The newest update from January 23 has seen the developers release a new car and make changes to the free bonuses. So, let’s check it out.


An image of Grand Theft Auto characters playing arcade games.
Rockstar Games
GTA Online updates have kept players flocking back to the streets of Los Santos.

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New vehicle: Nagasaki Outlaw

While many vehicles in GTA Online bare resemblance to something you’d see on the roads in real life, Rockstar has also added some pretty unique cars to the mix as well.

The newest one that fits that mold is the Nagasaki Outlaw. The new all-terrain vehicle looks like something that is perfectly equipped for attacking desert dunes and traversing huge hills, which will, undoubtedly, make it yet another fun car to use in GTA Online. 

The new car is available from the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website and will let you back $1,268,000 as a standard price, or $951,000 if you’ve completed the Diamond Casino Heist as the heist leader. 


An image of an ATV from GTA Online.
Rockstar Games
The Nagasaki Outlaw is one of GTA Online’s most unique looking vehicles to date.

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GTA Online double rewards for Overtime Rumble

As ever, Rockstar has dropped some double rewards with their newest content update, however, the game mode of choice is a little different than normal.

Overtime Rumble will grant players with double GTA$ and RP for a full week, meaning that however is best at playing darts with cars attached to parachutes is going to take home a pretty penny for the time being.

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New GTA Online Casino spin wheel prize

There is also a brand-new supercar to be won from the Diamond Casino and Resort’s daily lucky spin wheel in the form of the Progen Emerus. 

The Emerus, which was added in the Diamond Casino and Resort update back in July, costs $2,750,000 to purchase from Legendary Motorsport, but getting it from the spin wheel will see players claim a unique Hexagon Blue wrap that makes it look like its come right from the TRON movies. 


An image of an advertisement from GTA Online for a new car.
Rockstar Games
The Progen Emerus unique wrap is only available from the Lucky Wheel.

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GTA Online free Twitch Prime rewards and bonuses

GTA players who have linked their Rockstar Social Club account with Twitch Prime also get some additional bonuses, with the Pixel Pete’s Arcade location still being free to get you started on the Diamond Casino Heist.

On top of that, there is also 60% off all Arena variants of the Bravado Sasquatch, 50% off the RC Bandito, and an extra 10% off the game-wide discounts that are going on at Ammu-Nation – as well as on some of the vehicle websites.

Image of an arcade in GTA Online
Rockstar Games
Arcades hold the key to the Diamond Casino Heist in GTA Online.

With these bonuses being tied to this week’s content update, GTA players don’t have all that long to act upon them if you want to take advantage. 


So, it’s worth dropping into Los Santos as quickly as possible and spending that hard-earned cash to get what you’ve set your eyes on.