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GTA Online update: Cyclone hits Diamond Casino podium, x2 cash & more

Published: 7/May/2020 12:32

by David Purcell


Stunning sets of wheels have made it onto the GTA Online Diamond Casino podium in the past and that trend continues with another weekly update, as the Cyclone has arrived. 

Members of the community might be looking forward to seeing what the developers have in store for their next game, GTA 6, even if things haven’t been officially announced yet. However, the continued success of GTA 5 is very much down to new content – which arrives on a weekly basis.

In the past, we’ve seen new cars made available to buy, fresh vehicles land in the Lucky Wheel rewards, and in-game events take off – as seen recently with the return of the Peyote Plant.


But, what’s in store this time? Let’s take a look at everything new from the May 7 update…

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GTA Online May 4 update: Patch notes

Cyclone added to Casino podium

Rockstar Games
The Cyclone is now available to win on the Lucky Wheel, for a limited time.

Don’t be shocked to see a brand new vehicle parked inside the Diamond Casino, because the Coil Cyclone has arrived!

The vehicle will be available to win as part of the gambling center’s daily Lucky Wheel game, of which each player is given one chance to win the grand prize. On this occasion, it’s worth a staggering $1,890,000 – but you could win it for free, with a slice of luck.

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Races, Time Trials and double rewards

Rockstar Games
Taking Off is back in GTA Online, for a limited time.

Those interested in the ever-changing world of racing and Time Trials in-game will be glad to know that three are included in this content update.


These include a Premium Race called Taking Off, a Time Trial called Coast to Coast, and this week’s RC Time Trial is Vespucci Canals.

Aside from that, players can receive double cash and RP rewards on biker businesses, MC contracts, and Transform races – according to reliable GTA leaker Tez2.

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New alien content

Rovkstar Games
Alien suits might be about to become a whole lot more common.

If you have been running around dressed as an alien in GTA Online, fear not, you aren’t alone.

In fact, there might be a lot more joining you in the next week or so as two new outfits are free to pick up – a Purple Martian Bodysuit and Green Martian Bodysuit are now free. There’s also going to be a pool cue made available, free of charge, at Ammu-Nation.


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Rockstar Games
The Shotaro is on sale now!

A number of prices have been slashed as well, as seen in the list below. Twitch Prime members will, as always, get an additional 10% off the following purchases:

  • Master Control Terminal (30% Off)
  • Shotaro (40% Off)
  • Tempesta (40% Off)
  • Toros (35% Off )
  • Lectro (35% Off)
  • Krieger (30% Off)

So, there we have it! That’s everything we know so far about GTA Online’s May 7 update. Once Rockstar make more information available about its contents, we’ll update this article where necessary.