GTA Online skydiving stunt features Top Gun levels of chaos

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A GTA Online player managed to channel Top Gun Maverick for a skydiving stunt video that features untold levels of chaos.

Grand Theft Auto Online runs rampant with opportunities for players to skydive or parachute jump. The multiplayer suite even includes parachuting-centric jobs, which may require users to base jump or dive out of helicopters.

Of course, GTA players can always create their own fun with these gameplay mechanics, as well. As such, it’s hardly a surprise that aerial stunts in Grand Theft Auto Online make the rounds every so often.

One stunt, in particular, has seemingly taken inspiration from one of this year’s most popular films.

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GTA Online players channels Top Gun Maverick in skydiving stunt

Reddit user _Tonan_ recently uploaded a parachute-jumping stunt video that looks like it may have taken a few pointers from the latest Top Gun film.

The jumper soars down mountainous terrain at top speeds, with fighter pilots performing wild stunts of their own in jets overhead.

Near the end of their stunt video, the player even manages to slip under a low bridge before finally parachuting to a stop.

The heavily edited video wears its clever cuts on its sleeve at times, particularly in the aforementioned bridge section. It’s all still very impressive, however, and users in the Reddit thread seem to agree.

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“That was some Top Gun Maverick type sh** like wtf this is a masterpiece,” one person said in praise. Another Redditor called attention to the Molotok pilot who expertly maneuvered their jet down the mountain with barrel rolls and other tricks.

GTA Online stunts of the skydiving variety and otherwise have become a dime a dozen over the years. With that in mind, it’s always neat to see how some players manage to up the ante with fresh ideas.