GTA Online player finds perfect stunt to eliminate jet griefers

GTA Online jet grieferRockstar Games

GTA Online jet griefers will stay high in the sky and strike down players all day long if given the chance, but one GTA 5 player has found a way of combating them. It’s the stunt of dreams. 

Not everybody will know what a griefer is, by definition, but they will certainly be aware of what happens when jumping into public lobbies. These are members of the community that join games and deliberately provoke others to spoil the fun.

In the past, a number of tricks have been discovered to strike them down. Yet, not many tactics can top this one, posted to Reddit on September 14.

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The user, who goes by the name of Zoroark4President, jumped into their personal vehicle. It was none other than the HVY Insurgent, which costs a whopping $900,000 in-game if you buy it without discounts.

A GTA player runs away from an explosionRockstar Games
If you start seeing rockets hit the floor and vehicles in GTA Online public lobbies, there’s a good chance a jet griefer is in your game.

GTA Online jet griefer counter

The heavy set of wheels might not look like it’s graceful enough to pull off insane jumps, but this player focused more on simplicity than being flashy.

As a griefer approached their location, circling the heavily armored car, they snapped left onto a roadside cliff and connected perfectly with the plane. Just like that, the annoying pilot was taken out of action.

The Insurgent, though, was perfectly fine after the collision.

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This is just one of many ways you can take down jets in GTA Online. One thing is for sure, though, this perfect timing won’t come around often.

Another way of taking them out includes sneak attacking them in a parachute, which will leave them just seconds to realize you’re even close. It also means they can’t lock onto you, as there’s no vehicle for it to hit. A sitting duck, some might say, if it’s just hovering above the map.

Do you have a great way to eliminate jet griefers we haven’t mentioned? Send them our way @GTA_Intel if you make a discovery!

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