GTA Online secret trick makes planes faster than ever before

GTA Online ultralight flying around Mt ChilliadImgur: Fozzie420

Do you want to get around Los Santos in a quick fashion but don’t have money for an Oppressor MK 2? Well, one GTA Online player has found what looks to be the game’s fastest plane, and it’s not what you’d expect.

Getting around Los Santos at speed can be quite an expensive thing to do in GTA Online. Some of the fastest vehicles in the game cost multi-millions, and that’s before you start worrying about repairs and upgrades.

If you’re in a public lobby and someone spots you doing something fast, it’s not shocking to see them try and gun you down in a bid to troll you – especially if they’re zipping about on the Oppressor MK 2.

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Well, there’s actually a cheap way to zoom around the map and it comes in the form of a vehicle that you might not expect – the Ultralight.

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Planes are already quick in GTA Online, but you can get an even bigger boost.

How to get a speed boost with planes in GTA Online

The Ultralight is a glider that is usually used to take a scenic flight around Los Santos and plays a part in many parachute games given you can slow down and really line up your jump.

Though, as Redditor jnbarnes14 shows, if you take it up to around 1000 feet in the air, you’ll actually achieve some ridiculous speeds. Toss on the Carbon Fiber Prop upgrade and you’ll have an incredibly useful stealth vehicle.

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In the Redditor’s quick clip, the true speed of the Ultralight is on full display. They managed to fly from LS Airport toward Paleto in around 30 seconds, which is quite some going.

How did they achieve that? Well, as noted, get above the clouds and the Ultralight’s usual 60 MPH speed limiter will shoot up to 290 MPH. That’s right, it’s worth a 230 MPH increase.

If you want to go even further than that, you sort of can. As CheaterDust points out, if you own a plane or helicopter and it’s stored in a hangar, manually taking it out instead of spawning it with the quick actions menu boosts it further.

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Owning a hangar and planes can be an expensive endeavor, but it might be worth it with some of these speeds.