GTA Online players finally uncover a way to purchase Taxi Cabs

GTA online taxi cabRockstar Games

The GTA Online community celebrated as players can now purchase Taxi Cabs properly, rather than just stealing them from random NPCs.

GTA Online now allows players to run their own taxi cab business by communicating with The Downtown Cab Company, where they can purchase the car on Warstuck, after which they can use it to perform a job. According to a post shared on Reddit, the Taxi Cab costs $650,000, making for quite a pricey investment for a low-paying job.

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Prior to this feature debuting, players could only use The Downtown Cab Company to get to specific places. But now, players can sit in the driving seat rather than just the passenger.

Once the player gets to The Downtown Cab Company, they should receive a text with instructions, telling them to go pick up their client. Keep in mind, this must be done outside of passive mode — leaving the driver vulnerable to attacks from other players. After reaching the client, don’t kill them by running them over.

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Wait next to them, and they should come in. Then just drive them to their destination, and drop them off. The player’s next job will show up after completion, just like a real taxi-driving job.

The community on Reddit joked about the implementation of the new feature after all these years.

“How to make the GTA Online community completely disinterested in a vehicle in one step: Pegasus.”

“At that point just call a cab and steal it, it’s gonna be just as fast and you won’t have to go get it,” a Redditor replied.

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“And it’s FREE!” another added.

For those unaware, Pegasus refers to specialty vehicles in GTA games, sold by Pegasus Lifestyle Management.