GTA Online accounts getting wiped for abusing garage money glitch

. 2 years ago
GTA V character at the Diamond Casino
Rockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto Online players have had their accounts completely reset back to day one by Rockstar after a ban wave from the recent garage glitch. 

Over the years, GTA Online has had its fair share of glitches and exploits that players have used to cut through some of the monotony of grinding out jobs, stealing and selling cars, as well as hoping to score big at the Casino.

Recently, players had been glitches surrounding apartments and garages to make eye-watering sums of money. Some, who had used the apartment glitch, claimed that they’d been rest – while others carried on without repercussions.

However, it appears as if Rockstar games have actually come down heavy-handed on everyone using the glitch by not only taking away their glitched money, but also wiping their accounts back to the very start. 

Rockstar Games

Rockstar rolls out money glitch reset wave

In the late hours of August 27, some players noted that they had received emails from Rockstar about their GTA Online accounts – with the message notifying them of a reset. 

Usually when these ban or reset waves are sent out, players just lose any leftover money they had in the Maze Bank account. However, the devs completely wiped their account of everything – be it money, vehicles, progress in level, and anything else. 

It doesn’t appear to matter if you glitched a $10,000,000 or $500,000,000 from the glitch, anyone who has used it is apparently being punished. 

Unlike the Casino chip glitch, these accounts have not been banned from GTA Online, but given that some seven-year-old accounts are back at level one, some players are claiming they won’t play again until GTA 6 releases.

“It seems Rockstar decided its easier to patch the glitchers than the glitches,” quipped MoneyAddition. Another player, SpindlySquash, added: “They do nothing about the hackers who’ve ruined the game on a daily basis for years, meanwhile…”

Whether or not this has major implications on the GTA Online economy remains to be seen, but it appears as if a large portion of players won’t be returning to Los Santos.

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