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GTA cosplayer warned to close DMs following harassment warnings

Published: 22/Jan/2022 11:54

by Sam Comrie


A GTA Vice City cosplayer paying homage to the classic 2002 game has closed their direct messages after fan interactions became worryingly toxic. 

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is revered as one of Rockstar Games’ best releases. Its beloved 80s aesthetic was influenced by films and shows like Scarface and Miami Vice, and now, cosplayer Daria Gertsen has paid homage to the game’s legendary artwork.

However, the cosplayer was met with odd responses shortly after posting their GTA-inspired look.

GTA trilogy graphics
Rockstar Games
GTA: Vice City is part of the Definitive Edition remasters, released in November 2021.

Redditors warn cosplay to close their DMs

Cosplayer Daria Gertsen posted her homage to the ‘The Twins’ from GTA: Vice City on Reddit, gaining favor with fans of the game. The re-creation was so well received, that Redditor Perc300 requested a high-resolution version: “Definitely post a high res version on IG. This is clean af. I love the palm tree print on the wall.”


While some fans noted she looked “exactly like” the iconic game art, many were quick to highlight the incoming barrage of messages from male viewers: “DMS ON LOCKDOWN. STANDBY FOR IDIOTS.”

Bikini Martini Girl (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City) by me from GTA

The warnings continued to grow in intensity as fans encouraged the cosplayer to remain private, with one fan declaring Gertsen should have stayed away from Reddit: “You shouldn’t have posted this on Reddit. You know what these… simps are like.”

“Can you give us an update on what your inbox looks like in 24 hours?” said Redditor SatNam99.

After one fan said they “sense… men” coming her way, Gertsen began responding to some of the messages too: “Don’t say that! Aaha I’m ready to defend!”


“Ahahaha its good idea,” she continued in response to another fan requesting her messages to be switched to private.

The cosplayer continues to post on social media, but it is unclear whether they’ve decided to restrict their messages.