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Disastrous GTA Online clip is perfect reminder why randoms can’t be trusted

Published: 5/Sep/2021 23:17

by Bill Cooney


Things can get out of hand pretty fast when you’re playing missions with randoms in GTA Online, and this clip is the perfect example of how.

We all know GTA Online is better when you’re playing and running missions with some friends or acquaintances you can actually communicate with. 

Sometimes there’s just no one else online though, and you have to make do by yourself. It can definitely work out, but more often than not, things tend to end in disaster.

Rockstar Games
Friends make things much less stressful in GTA Online, especially when running missions and heists.

A perfect example of this was posted to Reddit by user Jamal1309, who was running a heist with some low-levels random players. Things quickly spiraled out of control, as you’d expect with a team lacking any kind of coordination.


As soon as the police show up and the shootout begins, one player pulls out the laser gatling gun and just starts to open up through the doors. Another teammate joins in with their assault rifle, but quickly switches to heavier firepower as well.

Jamal, probably well aware that something was about to go down, wisely moved himself out of the way of the doorway while his associate proceeded to aim their RPG.

After repositioning themselves to make sure they got the shot they want, the random low level player lets fly and is immediately killed by their own weapon. Their ragdoll corpse a testament to their, and the team’s failure.


When you play with enough low levels, you know what’s to be expected… from gtaonline

As far as failed missions go though, it’s safe to say this one is at least hilarious, even if it is a complete and total mess. At least that player with the RPG might know to be a little more cautious shooting it through doors.

So, what have we learned? For one, if you want to knock out missions and heists play with friends, and two, if you are in a group with random low levels, be sure to keep an eye out.