All GTA Online Street Dealer payouts: 2x GTA$ for Los Santos Drug Wars

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Trying to make some cash during the 2x GTA$ & RP event? Here are all the Street Dealer payouts for the four items in the Los Santos Drug Wars feature.

Anyone who has played GTA Online for even a small amount of time will know how important money is to each character. So much of what makes Los Santos special is locked behind some kind of in-game currency paywall, so it’s vital to stack up if you want to enjoy everything the city has to offer.

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That’s why Rockstar has added so many ways for players to earn cash, and while the usual methods of grinding heists are perfectly acceptable, there are smaller & quicker ways to earn some money as well.

One of the easiest ways is to take advantage of limited-time boosts like this one, in which Street Dealers will pay way more for their usual hand-to-hand deals.

All Street Dealers payouts in GTA Online’s 2x GTA$ event

This breakdown was put together by TezFunz2 on Twitter and allows players to see what each drug will move for each day until Wednesday, March 29, when the event ends.

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Each price will vary, with each dealer having a special deal every day, and these tables make it easy to see what to prioritize and what to skip each day.

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No individual number here is likely to blow people away, but as quick fixes of cash go, this will help pad out any overspending you might do while breezing through the latest chapter of the game.

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It’s not the only way to make quick money though. If you’re looking for more ways to inch closer to being a virtual billionaire, check out our other GTA Online guides and updates here.

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