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Major internet disruption as Twitch, Reddit, Amazon, Twitter and more impacted

Published: 8/Jun/2021 11:56 Updated: 8/Jun/2021 13:27

by David Purcell


Users on Twitch, Reddit, Amazon, Twitter, and a number of other websites previously reported outages as servers went down across the entire internet. 

In a major internet event that is not entirely the first of its kind, following a massive outage on Cloudfare back in July 2020, a whole host of customers and users experienced tremendous difficulty navigating their way around their regular websites.

Whether you’re scrolling through articles or looking for something to buy, on June 8, 2021, reports were posted in the thousands about connectivity issues.

The disruptions were flagged during the morning when Twitter emojis were replaced by code scrambled across our timelines.


Twitch, Reddit & Twitter down

The likes of Etsy, HBO Max, PayPal, and other services people use daily suffered major outages.

As seen on Down Detector, a service monitoring major website server issues, thousands of problem reports were submitted across multiple platforms.

websites down

For Reddit, over 20,000 reports have been filed at the time of writing. For Twitch, 5,500. For Amazon, 3,000.

Twitter emojis broken

Twitter previously suffered from internet breakage, too, as emojis appeared incorrectly across the social media platform.

New York Times back online – 13:22 PM (BST)

The New York Times’ issues seem to have been resolved, with the majority of sites affected now having their issues resolved.

Most services back online – 12:20 PM (BST)


While The New York Times’ site still seems inaccessible, the other sites listed above all seem to currently be back up for users to visit.

Twitch Update – 12:11 PM (BST)

Twitch Support has tweeted out that their issue has now “been resolved” after tweeting an hour ago that they were aware of issues.

Despite this, some users are reporting that there are issues, with others mentioning that one method to fix this is to “close your browser and open it again”.

The Etsy status account also mentioned that their site is back to normal operations, and Dexerto can confirm after visiting the site that this seems to be the case.


Amazon Update – 12:03 PM (BST)

Users have since started to report that Reddit has come back online, meaning you can visit your favorite subreddit pages again.

Amazon is also reporting that their service is “operating normally” in North America, Europe, South America, and other regions.

As the dust settles on this internet outage, we’ll be sure to keep this page updated. With some websites recovering, fingers crossed it won’t be long before things are running like normal.