Instagram is Starting to Allow Applications for Account Verification

Instagram has started rolling out an option to all users in certain regions to request verification and get that shiny blue mark next to your Instagram handle.

Verification on Instagram has been shrouded in mystery in the past, with users who feel they are deserving or in need of the blue checkmark simply having to hope that one day when they wake up it will be there.

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But now, iPhone users in Australia and a handful of other ‘unspecified’ countries, have the option to ‘request verification’ right in the Instagram app.

This is the first time that the Facebook owned service will offer a user facing method for anyone to apply, perhaps in hope of shutting down the somewhat shady business that has generated around it.

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Because of how difficult but sought after Instagram verification is, there have been numerous reports of people paying thousands of dollars to people who claim to have backdoor access and can get you the blue tick.

While some of these may be true, many times they are fraudulent and have left blue-tick wannabe’s badly out of pocket after being scammed.

This is likely a part of the reason Instagram has started allowing this option to request verification, in attempt to crack down on the so-called ‘verification black-market.’

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There is no word on when or if Instagram plans to roll this feature out worldwide, so it looks like the majority of its users will need to still be patient if they are hopeful of getting the blue tick.

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And applying doesn’t guarantee anything, as Instagram will be vetting all applications to ensure the user if in need/deserving of the blue tick, as it is still intended for ‘public figures, global brands or celebrities’ only.

Instagram’s APAC strategic partner manager Nicci Meek told that the process will give insight to users and safeguard them, but it likely won’t make it any easier to be verified.

“This new feature will allow our community the opportunity to apply for verification themselves, and understand the process behind getting verified on Instagram. We believe opening up verification to the public will also work towards safeguarding our community.”


Source: Mashable