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German murder suspect livestreams his own arrest

Published: 16/Jan/2019 11:30 Updated: 16/Jan/2019 12:05

by Matt Porter


A 49-year-old German man was arrested by German police on suspicion of murder while livestreaming.

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The video, which has been ripped from a Facebook livestream, shows the man sitting in his living room as his doorbell rang. Rather than getting up to open the door, he shouted: ‘Hello, hello…” 

Moments later, SEK German police stormed through the door, knocking over the webcam that he had been using to broadcast himself. The livestream ended before the SEK placed him under arrest.

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Dortmund Police have confirmed that the video is from the arrest that took place in Schwerte, a town in the west of Germany. 


The police were alerted by firefighters who were called to the address of a 72-year-old woman after a blaze at her property. Once there, they discovered her body, and police investigators quickly determined that she had been injured before the blaze began.

On Sunday, January 13, a special police task force arrested the 49-year-old at his home, who, according to a statement from Dortmund Police, is “under the strong suspicion of killing the woman.”

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The 49-year-old had been streaming for over an hour on Facebook, barely acknowledging the viewers as he sat and smoked in his apartment. As police rushed in, the man can be seen falling off his chair and raising his hands.


At the request of German prosecutors, the investigating judge has issued a warrant against the accused for a number of crimes, including murder.