Yu-Gi-Oh! player repeatedly rents girl to play the game with him

Anna Koselke
Yu-Gi-Oh! player dueling against a woman

A Yu-Gi-Oh! player has boasted online about how he has been “renting” a woman who comes on dates to play the game with him.

Yu-Gi-Oh! can be enjoyed in real life or online, and has amassed quite the fandom over the years. From players joining due to the anime to those who grew up with the cards, the community is huge.

As is the case with such popular games, viral situations revolving around the cards or players tend to pop up here and there. For instance, a one-of-a-kind Tyler the Great Warrior card recently sold for over $300,000 in a record sale.

Other stories about Yu-Gi-Oh! are not quite as grandiose, but nonetheless make their rounds through social media. One player has just taken off online due to his post revealing that he has, not just once, but regularly rented a girl to play the game with him in real life.

Yu-Gi-Oh! fan pays girl to play with him several times

In a post that has since been marked by Twitter as containing “sensitive content,” a user known by the handle amurosiz posted a photo of himself playing the trading card game against an unnamed woman. The picture shows no faces, but it does depict the two players holding their Yu-Gi-Oh! cards.

The Tweet itself was not posted in English, but it translated roughly to a statement from the poster saying that he had wanted to play Yu-Gi-Oh! “no matter what” which resulted in his hiring a girl to come to his house and join the game.

Fans of the card game and random users online alike quickly shared the post on social media, expressing their opinions on the seemingly ridiculous situation. One person Tweeted in response to the original post, describing how a man had paid for a rental girl service to play Yu-Gi-Oh!.

Some referred to the guy renting the lady to play as a “legend” or called him “based” while others referred to him as “depraved.” Multiple comments made in good humor also flooded the replies, with people saying things like “I’m in the wrong industry.”

Regardless of your feelings on the agreeably strange situation, it is pretty crazy to think that we live in the time period in which one can rent an entire person to sit with them and play a trading card game like Yu-Gi-Oh!.

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