Wizards of The Coast reveal new OGL draft release date amid fan frustration

Dungeons and Dragons OGL updateWizards of The Coast

Dungeons and Dragons owners Wizards of The Coast have revealed their plans to release a new OGL draft, allowing fans the ability to comment directly on its content before it’s fully published, along with a direct apology for its previous OGL.

After weeks of fan outrage, mass unsubscriptions, and intense backlash, Wizards of The Coast have released their “working conversation about the Open Game License” detailing a new approach, an apology, and the release date of their rewritten OGL draft.

The original, leaked OGL 1.1 came with significant changes to Dungeons and Dragons, promoting more copyright rules, royalties, and overall limitations which fans quickly argued against. After that, WoTC explained the leak was only a draft and, along with an apology stated they had learned from their mistakes and were soon to be releasing an updated OGL 1.1, promoting transparency and community feedback as their primary focus.

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In a statement by the Executive Producer, Wizards of The Coast has revealed the release date for such a draft, along with a survey for the community to use when sharing their thoughts.

Wizards of The Coast
The controversial OGL 1.1 is slowly being fixed by Wizards of The Coast.

WoTC reveal release date for new D&D OGL draft

Revealed on DnD Beyond, and through the Dungeons & Dragons Twitter, Wizards of The Coast have announced the release date for their new Dungeons and Dragons Open Game License. The working conversation will be released “On or before Friday, January 20th” and will include a full proposed document along with a quick survey for the community to complete, allowing any feedback to be directly transferred to WoTC.

The survey will be open for two weeks, allowing companies and fans to fully understand the updated 1.1 OGL before accepting the terms.

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Many players have responded kindly to the statement, with one remarking that the apology and steps forwards “sounds a lot better” going on to say they were “looking forward to the publication of [the] new working draft.”

Others highlighted the company’s “transparency and openness to feedback,” exploring the speed in which WoTC tried to fix the controversial OGL 1.1.

However, some fans are still not convinced, claiming that the apology and statement was “a Trojan Horse,” further discussing the distrust from fans that still remains.

Ultimately, the fans and community behind Dungeons and Dragons will be the first to read and comment on the updated OGL when it is released. Whether it causes more unrest or solves the issues surrounding Dungeons and Dragons in 2023 is yet to be determined.

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