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Where to find guaranteed gold loot on Apex Legends Olympus map

Published: 6/Nov/2020 11:25 Updated: 6/Nov/2020 11:27

by David Purcell


Season 7 has burst onto the scene with a new Olympus map and already players are scouting their favorite landing spots, one of which guarantees Apex Legends gold weapons and items spawning there almost every time. 

Now, we have already picked our best landing spots for the new structure in the sky, and one of those on that list appears to be spawning gold loot on a consistent basis.

As with any battle royale title, grabbing the best loot from the very off is a top priority for legends, and in the Apex Games that can be a tough task. Though, not if you know where you’re going.

At Oasis, there are two spawn locations of legendary weapons and items that will serve you well. Here, we’ll show you exactly where to find them.

Apex Legends Season 7 map
Respawn Entertainment
As you can see on the map here, Oasis is one of the main POIs on Olympus (left).

Apex Legends gold weapons locations on Olympus map

Oasis (1)

Now, the two main sections to this specific map location are the two towers, and you’re going to have to enter those to find the gold loot.

When you enter you will see the ground floor of the building has plenty of floor loot, though there’s a way of getting downstairs. Simply jump down the shoot as you walk in and there you will find a lower area, with two sides connected by a short bridge.

On both sides you will find a gold gun or item the majority of the time. Here’s how it works, in the video we captured in-game.

Oasis (2)

Now, as stated, entering the left tower is not the only way to do it. You can also use the shoot into the right tower and have an equal chance of grabbing the loot, jumping down the exact same way.

Once you’re down there, simply cross over the bridge and collect the rest. While these videos may make it look easy enough, expect some company on the other side at times.

So, there you have it! Those are two different gold weapon and item spawn locations at Oasis on Apex Legend Season 7. Hopefully, there will be more where this came from.

You won’t always get just one gold dropping at each point either, as one side periodically brings two – meaning three golds could be up for grabs at times. On the odd instance, golds won’t appear here but for the majority of games played so far, they have been ready to pick up at these spots.

We’ll be adding to this list as Season 7 goes on, as there’s likely to be new places to find legendary guns and items appear as time passes. The more you drop in, the more Apex Legends gold weapons you will find, but these are the best spots for pretty much guaranteed loot we’ve found so far.

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Who is Fuse in Apex Legends? Season 8 Legend abilities, release date, origin story

Published: 18/Jan/2021 20:55 Updated: 18/Jan/2021 21:13

by Calum Patterson


Fuse has finally been confirmed as the new Legend that will be added in Season 8 of Apex Legends, and while his abilities have not been revealed yet, there are quite a few leaks and teasers that give a good idea as to what they are.

Apex Legends Season 8 – called Mayhem – is expected to drop around the two-year anniversary of the game’s launch, on February 2, 2021, and along with the flurry of new content and changes comes a brand new Legend, Fuse.

Fuse will have a lot of expectations to live up to, as the most recent new character, Horizon, released in the strongest state of any post-launch character.

Whether this new recruit will instantly become part of the meta remains to be seen, but their leaked abilities might give us some indication. Here’s everything we know about the next character in line to be added.

Who is the Season 8 Legend?

Fuse in Apex Legends Season 8.
Respawn Entertainment
Meet Fuse, the new Legend for Apex Legends Season 8!

After weeks of speculation, Respawn finally announced on January 18 that Fuse would indeed be the new Legend added for Season 8: Mayhem. They describe the character as one that “doesn’t lack confidence, but often lacks a plan. He’s a blow-up first ask-questions-later kinda guy.”

Fuse’s origin story is quite an explosive one; he’s from a planet called Salvo and made a name for himself winning pit fights and other similar fighting competitions. Eventually, it gets revealed that he’s been chosen to compete in the Apex Games, a decision that his longtime (and jealous) friend doesn’t appreciate.

In the S8 ‘Stories from the Outlands’ video, Fuse and his friend get into a skirmish until she tosses a grenade between them, with the subsequent explosion costing the explosives expert his arm, which is why he sports a robotic one in the Apex Games.

What are Fuse’s abilities? Leaks & teasers

As mentioned above, Respawn did not reveal Fuse’s ability kit when announcing him as the S8 Legend, so we’ll have to wait until the devs decide to roll out those details. Until then, there’s enough info out there, in leaks and teasers, for us to piece the puzzle together a bit.

From the character’s name and marketing, it’s clear that his abilities feature explosives and explosions, which makes sense considering that in-game teasers already suggest as much. Here’s a look at the teaser for his Ultimate.

This ability was part of a leak that surfaced in early 2021 containing the Legend’s other powers. The Ult is apparently going to be named Firebomb (fitting, considering the teaser above) while his Tactical is called Projectile Grenade, likely involving that golden grenade he’s shown with throughout the trailer.

  • Tactical: Projectile Grenade
  • Ultimate: Firebomb

Sound files for the abilities were also found and leaked by Biast12.

What’s perhaps most interesting is that these abilities seem to line up with a Legend concept that was first posted back in May 2019 on Reddit – with the name of the concept also called ‘Fuse’.

This concept by a fan was also called an ‘explosives expert’, so it seems possible that Respawn could have taken inspiration from this character idea. This is what the concept looked like (note this is a fan-made concept – not the official Fuse Legend).

Fuse concept in Apex Legends
Reddit: u/designty
This fan-made concept for a Legend called Fuse was very popular back in 2019.

It won’t be long until Respawn reveal the official names and details for all three of Fuse’s abilities, but these leaks and teasers give us a pretty clear idea of the type of character he will be in the Apex Games.

For more information about next season, including the new weapon and Kings Canyon map changes, make sure to check out our Season 8 Mayhem info page.