Where does Link start in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom? Nintendo reveals game’s start point

link using a flying vehicle in the legend of zelda tears of the kingdomNintendo

With only a month to go before Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom arrives on the Switch, Nintendo has revealed where players will start following the adventure of Breath of the Wild.

In Breath of the Wild, players started in the Shrine of Ressurection and were made to piece together their memories to discover who they were and why they had been asleep for 100 years.

But with Tears of the Kingdom being a direct sequel to BOTW, players have wondered how Link will start over without all of the equipment and upgrades from their previous journey. And while we may not know how Link gets “reset” in TOTK, we do know where you’ll start your journey.

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The information was provided by Nintendo on the official Tears of the Kingdom website.

According to Nintendo, “Link begins his journey on one of the many mysterious floating islands that have suddenly appeared in the skies high above Hyrule.”

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This means that players will likely start playing through their adventure after the Islands have risen into the sky. And while Tears of the Kingdom focuses on new vertical exploration, it seems it will start similarly to how they did in Breath of the Wild.

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“It’s there our hero will have to gain new abilities before returning to the surface world to begin his epic adventure,” Nintendo wrote. In BOTW, players had to gain their core abilities before venturing off of the Great Plateau. This is also the case for TOTK, as players will likely have to gain their new abilities before returning to the surface.

legend of zelda tears of the kingdom start point

The abilities that players will learn haven’t been disclosed, but it could be all four of the new abilities shown in the trailers. They are Ultrahand, Fuse, Ascend, and Recal.

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With three of the four allowing players to travel vertically – whether up or down – they could be used at the start for players to return to the surface of Hyrule.