Warframe adds long-awaited Nidus Prime set & brings back Operation: Plague Star event

Warframe is bringing back its Operation: Plague Star event, and introducing the Nidus Prime set with its latest update.

Warframe will add the Nidus Prime set in its latest update, and players will be able to earn it through the title’s popular Operation: Plague Star event starting today.

On that date, players can join the Operation: Plague Star event to defend the Plains of Eidolon against infested enemies, with the chance to earn the Ghoulsaw weapon. Players can also earn Nidus Prime Relics, offering an increased chance at acquiring the new Warframe’s relevant components.

Image from Warzone showing a character holding the Ghoulsaw weaponDigital Extremes
Players can earn the Ghoulsaw as part of the Operation: Plague Star event.

Nidus Prime Comes To Warframe On September 8

Described as a plague-bearer, Nidus Prime is the game’s 33rd Prime Warframe. A more powerful version of the base Nidus Warframe, it’s capable of spawning infested tendrils, rupturing the ground with fungal growth, and binding to a teammate to buff ability strength.

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Check out everything included in the Nidus Prime pack below:

  • 2625 Platinum
  • Nidus Prime
  • Nidus Prime Glyphs
  • Strun Prime
  • Magnus Prime

A further accessory pack is available, including 1365 Prime, Nidus Prime Syandana, Necramech Universal Skin, landing craft customization, and 90 Day resource and affinity boosters.

Also debuting on the Warframe marketplace is a new Revenant Mephisto collection from freelance artist Debby Sheen. Check it out below.

Screenshot from Warframe showing Revenant's Mephisto skinDigital Extremes/Debby Sheen
Debby Sheen’s Revenant skin arrives in the marketplace on September 8

What is Prime Access?

Prime Access is a rotating selection of Warframe’s “Prime” Warframe variants – more powerful versions of the game’s existing character classes with additional mod slots.

Each Prime set includes a series of items pertaining to that Warframe, as well as discounted Platinum, the game’s premium currency.

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