Trainwreck worries about realism of new FPS bodycam game

Trainwreck and Unrecord

An upcoming FPS game known as ‘Unrecord’ has gone viral due to its hyper-realistic yet controversial gameplay. Streamer Trainwreck shared his worries about the game’s realism.

On April 19, the first full gameplay trailer for the upcoming bodycam FPS game Unrecrord was shared online by developer Drama. The game seems ground-breaking within its genre as it features hyper-realistic gameplay and unprecedented immersion, the likes of which are rarely seen in gaming.

The newly announced game has been dividing players on social media, with some saying that the gameplay is far too realistic for comfort. Others are responding by saying that it is just a game and, therefore, fine for suitably aged audiences.

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Now that the controversy has taken off, well-known streamers like Trainwreck have begun sharing their own opinions on the matter. Not all streamers shared identical opinions, but they do seem to mirror the public’s concerns.

Trainwreck worries about Unrecord and its influence on kids

Following the full gameplay trailer’s reveal on April 19, Trainwreck responded by leaving a chain of Tweets in which he shared his opinion on why he thinks the game is so controversial. He started off by saying that he knew his thoughts could be interpreted negatively, but he still felt as though Unrecord’s realism should be moderated.

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Stating that the level of realism made even him uncomfortable despite his age, Trainwreck went on to say that he hopes “parents do their job” in watching what games their children have access to. If the gameplay was enough to shock him, it could do miles more to a kid with a developing brain.

Trainwreck then followed up on his statement by saying that the gameplay footage for Unrecord feels as though it is a “real leak from a military or police operation” due to its hyper-realistic style. He said that such games could fuel media and politicians’ hatred against gaming as a whole.

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Mainstream reporters working in news or politics can sometimes focus on the negative aspects of realism in gaming and how exposure to such violence can wrongly shape younger players’ minds. Trainwreck thinks that a game like Unrecord could give a real foundation to such beliefs as the distinction between game and reality blur.

The developer has yet to respond to the controversy aside from simply acknowledging it in a Tweet, but it will be interesting to see how the situation continues to develop and whether or not they take the appropriate measures to ensure players’ mental well-being.

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