The Simpsons Hit and Run remake petition closing in on 30,000 signatures

Andrew Highton
homer driving car in the simpsons hit and run

In 2022, The Simpsons Hit and Run is still one of the most sought-after remakes in the world, and a petition for the game to be remade or get a sequel is coming up to 30K signatures.

In the same vein as Pokemon, you’d be hard-pressed to find many individuals who haven’t heard of The Simpsons. The cultural phenomenon has had an unbelievable impact on society with the show’s endless catchphrases, beloved characters, and insane episodes.

As of writing, there have been 728 episodes of the show and 27 games. But of all the media released about the show, the one standout has to be The Simpsons Hit and Run.

Over the last couple of decades, fans of the game have been crying out for a remake or remaster to be able to experience it in the modern-day and it’s never happened. A petition is currently trying to change that, and it’s gaining more and more momentum as the days go by.

The Simpsons Hit and Run remake could earn a lot of d’oh

At this point, it’s unclear if it’s purely down to nostalgia, but calls for The Simpsons Hit and Run to be remade are never-ending it seems.

An open-world sandbox title that was clearly taking inspiration from Rockstar Games’ mega-popular Grand Theft Auto series at the time, Hit and Run was an entertaining title that allowed players to become one with The Simpsons universe.

This is why Hassaan Mohammad took it upon himself to get the issue some exposure and begin a petition to get a company to either remake/remaster the game or develop a fully-fledged sequel.

In their justification for the decision, Mohammad explained to potential signees: “Public demand definitely warrants a sequel and I’m astonished one hasn’t been made yet, or alternatively a remastering of the original game. I hope it can be made possible through the means of this petition.”

By the end of August 18, 2022, it’s likely that the petition will reach 27K signatures, and once it reaches 35K it will be deemed “one of the top signed on!”

With more publicity and eyes on the matter, there’s every chance that a game company might sit up and take notice of the public’s affection for the game.