Team Fortress 2 is finally getting new content after almost 4-year drought

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After years without new content in Team Fortress 2, with most TF2 fans considering the game abandoned, Valve has finally announced a new update on the horizon. 

Fans of TF2 have long thought that the game has been abandoned by Valve as the popular shooter hadn’t had a major update in almost 4 years. The last event to happen in TF2 was the Jungle Inferno and Scream Fortress in late October 2017. 

As reported by Rockpapershotgun in 2019, Valve had “hardly anyone” working on the game due to Team Fortress 2 not being as monetarily viable as their other games.

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But devs has finally teased a proper update to come in the future with a rare blog post in 2023.

Valve and blog posts are synonymous as the developer still sticks to the tradition despite many companies opting for live broadcasts instead. Thus, each time a 150-word blog post is released of any significance, it tends to leave fans hyped. 

TF2 has not had such luxury over the past half-decade as major content updates slowed to a snail’s pace. Skin announcements, a farewell to Rick May the voice of the Soldier, and old appearances in Insomnia were all fans got the past few years. Needless to say, TF2 fans have been starved for new content for a very long time.

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But finally, after the last blog post three years ago, devs have announced, a proper “full-on update-sized” patch for the game in a brand new announcement.

In it, they poke fun at themselves for still announcing major events through blogs rather than videos or social media posts. But more importantly, they have confirmed they are releasing new content for the game. And not just the item updates fans are so used to. 

New items, maps, and taunts are all being added to TF2 in the near future, and in Valve tradition for all their multiplayer games, they are choosing all of the upcoming selections from community artists. 

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The update will come sometime in summer this year, but the theme of the update is still “as-yet-unnamed, un-themed, but still very exciting summer-situated.”

The cut-off date for submissions for the update is May 1. Any and all submissions should be put through the Steam Workshop.

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