Star Wars RTS game coming from “big-name” dev claims insider

Brianna Reeves
Star Wars RTS game

According to an industry insider, a “big-name” studio is currently producing an unannounced Star Wars RTS game.

Star Wars is no stranger to RTS experiences, given that LucasArts dabbled in the genre a handful of times in the late 1990s and early aughts.

However, none of those adventures came close to sealing the deal quite like Empire at War, the 2006 title from Petroglyph that allowed players to control the Empire or Rebel Alliance.

The studio pitched sequels to Electronic Arts in the past to no avail, meaning new Star Wars-branded RTS content has only come in the form of Empire at War mods in recent years. That much may change sooner rather than later, though.

A “big-name” dev is supposedly working on a Star Wars RTS

In response to a tweet from GamesRadar’s Joe West about longing for an Empire at War follow-up, VGC editor Andy Robinson wrote the following, “I imagine you won’t have to wait much longer for a Star Wars RTS from a big-name developer…”

Robinson added in a subsequent post that the project he’s referring to has yet to be announced. This indicates that Respawn’s and Bit Reactor’s previously teased collaborative effort is not the only Star Wars-centric strategy title in the works.

Since the deal granting EA exclusive rights to Star Wars games is ending, the “big-name” developer in question could be any number of AAA studios.

Lucasfilm Games has already proven it’s willing to swing for the fences, having inked a deal with Ubisoft Massive for an open-world Star Wars adventure.

Though all of the above should be taken with a grain of salt, it seems Star Wars faithful can now add an RTS game to their list of future projects to patiently await.

Another Respawn-developed experience belongs on the list, too, with the Star Wars Jedi developer also set to produce a first-person shooter that still lacks an official name.