Resident Evil Village Beneviento treasure: How to find Berengario’s Chalice

Resident Evil Village Beneviento TreasureCapcom

Once players have defeated Donna Beneviento and her doll Angie in Resident Evil Village, they’ll be able to get hold of the Beneviento treasure – but it won’t be easy.

There are plenty of devious puzzles to complete and hidden treasures to find in Capcom’s latest survival horror title Resident Evil Village, and one of the most difficult to add to your collection is without a doubt the Beneviento treasure: Berengario’s Chalice.

Finding this treasure is entirely optional, and it won’t have any impact on the story outcome or your progression through it. It is worth a whole lot of Lei when sold, though, so completionists and those short on money will want to get it.

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Here’s everything you need to know about finding the Beneviento treasure in Resident Evil Village, including defeating the powerful mini-boss you’ll need to fight in order to claim it.

Beneviento treasure location

Beneviento TreasureCapcom
Beneviento’s treasure location in Resident Evil Village.

As you make your way past the Garden to House Beneviento, you’ll stumble upon an extravagant tombstone. If you try to read the name, you’ll find out it belongs to a member of the Beneviento family – but part of the slab with their first name is missing.

In order to get your hands on the treasure, you’ll first need to make your way through House Beneviento’s puzzles then defeat Donna Beneviento and her doll Angie. Once you’ve done this, you can return to the Village to get the optional treasure.

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How to get the Beneviento treasure in Resident Evil Village

With Donna Beneviento and her doll Angie finally out of the picture, you can find the missing part of the tombstone plaque. Head back to the Village graveyard located above the Maiden of War statue, and take out any enemies that have appeared.

You’ll find that a previously blocked-off mausoleum has now opened with a Broken Slab inside. This is the missing part of the plaque that you’ve been looking for. With that item in hand, return to the Beneviento tombstone.

Resident Evil Village Broken SlabCapcom
You’ll need the Broken Slab to get the Beneviento treasure.

Unfortunately, when you arrive back at the tombstone, there’s a mini-boss waiting for you. We told you getting this treasure wouldn’t be easy. This giant wields a huge axe that can take out a massive chunk of your health, so you’ll need to come prepared.

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How to defeat the Beneviento grave mini-boss

As long as you’re stocked with powerful weapons like the GM79 Grenade Launcher and plenty of ammo, you should be able to take this giant down. The best plan of action is to run away from its powerful axe swings, then aim for the head when you get a chance.

You’ll know it’s about to attack when it moves the axe above or behind itself. Be warned that if you put too much distance between yourself and the giant, it will jump across the arena towards you.

Resident Evil Village giant mini bossCapcom
This giant mini-boss won’t go down without a fight.

The giant will also call out smaller Moroaica enemies to help him during the battle. We’d recommend avoiding them as they’re quite slow, and focus on the giant instead. If you run out of ammo or get dangerously low on health, you can always leave and come back later.

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Once you’ve defeated the giant, you’ll be rewarded with a Giant Crystal Axe which sells for a mighty 30,000 Lei. Place the Broken Slab back on the tombstone, and you’ll get Berengario’s Chalice, which sells for 18,000 Lei.

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