Resident Evil 3 Remake: What monsters are included?

Published: 6/Apr/2020 4:30 Updated: 6/Apr/2020 11:07

by Isaac McIntyre


More than 20 years after first battling Nemesis across Raccoon City in Resident Evil 3, fans are getting a chance to return ⁠— but what horrifying enemies will be making their re-debut in the remake? Read on to find out!

Resident Evil 3 was first released all the way back in 1999 on PlayStation 1. Almost instantly, it exploded in popularity, mainly due to its inventive gameplay, gripping story, and of course its deadly cast of terrifying monsters.

Two decades later, the classic’s long-awaited remake is finally here, but how many of those iconic creatures have made the jump into 2020 to continue their battle with Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveira? Here’s the list so far:

Jill Valentine is returning to Raccoon City, and her battle with Nemesis, for the first time since 1999.
Jill Valentine is returning to Raccoon City, and her battle with Nemesis, for the first time since 1999.

All confirmed Resident Evil 3 Remake Enemies


Yeah, this one’s pretty obvious ⁠— the original third installment in Capcom’s horror franchise was even named after him! The big fella is definitely back in the remake too, and he’s just as terrifying as ever, especially with his visual overhaul.

According to the devs, the titular villain has also had a major change in his AI for the remake, meaning he’ll be more of an omnipresent force than Mr. X was in RE2. In fact, they wanted to make him as “unpredictable,” as possible.

This means the hulking prototype villain can basically appear anywhere. If you don’t keep your eyes peeled at all times when you’re roaming the streets and buildings of Raccoon City, he may just remind you why he’s so feared.

Nemesis has been upgraded in Resident Evil 3 Remake and leads the cast of enemies.
He’s back.


Honestly, duh. Just like Nemesis in an RE3 remake, Capcom can’t really leave the infected out of their franchise about the zombie invasion. Raccoon City is swarming with plenty of other enemies but, of course, the classic baddies are here too.

Hunter β

The Hunter Betas are back, and they’re just as deadly as ever. Originally designed by Capcom to be the natural, scary evolution of the Hunter Alphas that first made their debut in Resident Evil 1, the β monsters have returned. 

Be careful when facing off against the betas. They’re fast, and based much of their combat in the 1999 game off long-ranged surprise leaps. There’s no reason to doubt they’ll be using the same attacks again, so better hope your reflexes are up to par.

Get ready to fight plenty more Hunter βs in your return to Raccoon City
Get ready to fight plenty more Hunter βs in your return to Raccoon City.

Hunter γ

These frog-like enemies are less confirmed than their β counterparts, but leaked screenshots have basically put them square in the middle of RE3R. These warped beasts were made from bonding human DNA with amphibian eggs ⁠— disgusting.

Zombie Dogs

Zombie Dogs didn’t make many appearances in RE3 Mastered teaser content, but of course, the agile enemies arrived nonetheless once the game dropped. Make sure you bring a shotgun for these little critters — they won’t stop for anything.

Giant Spiders

No horror series wouldn’t be complete without a little arachnophobe-triggering terror. In Resident Evil, it’s kept simple. There’s huge spiders roaming the game, and they’re ready to sink their long fangs into anyone who crosses their path.

In the series lore, these mega-creepy crawlies were accidentally created when spiders were infused with the T-Virus. Honestly, it makes sense, but it doesn’t really do anything to alleviate the 8-legged monstrosities’ horror.

Resident Evil 3's 1999 battle with the Grave Digger was a highlight of the game.
Resident Evil 3’s 1999 battle with the Grave Digger was a highlight of the game.

Grave Digger

Anyone who’s played the original Resident Evil 3 will remember the memorable boss fight against the Grave Digger, and how hard it was. Good news! You get to slog through it once more in the remake, ’cause he’s back.

The worm-like creature is huge. Like the giant spiders, this big dude was an accident created by the T-Virus, but that doesn’t change how dangerous he is. He’s made from Disposal Plant P-12A’s disposed test subjects… Gross.

Sliding Worms

Where there’s Grave Digger, there’s Sliding Worms. These are the big boss’ slimy kids, so they’re sure to be slithering through the sewers ahead of the Grave Digger boss. They also crop up more past that, so check every floor!

Drain Deimos

This disgusting creature is supposedly a flea that has become infected with the T-Virus. As the name implies, these monsters can literally drain the blood from your body once they latch onto with their multi-clawed legs.

Like most things in RE3, however, they can be detonated with a good shotgun blast. Make sure you’ve got your back to the wall, and they should be easier to deal with.

Careful of letting Drain Deimos get hold of you in Resident Evil 3 Remastered
Careful of letting Drain Deimos get hold of you in Resident Evil 3 Remastered.

Pale Heads

These albino enemies shamble across rooms, regenerating as you tear into them with guns and weapons. Now they’ve shambled into Resident Evil 3 Remake as one of the many enemies too.

Pale Heads are a variety of human mutants created from exposure to the Epsilon strain. They’re one of the more unstoppable monsters in the game too. Make sure you are packing a shotgun, or even better, a magnum, to beat them.


Originally a Resident Evil 2 enemy, the Licker has made the leap to the third installment with the remaster. Luckily, you’ll only really see this tongue-wielding monster in the RPD Police Station. That means only Carlos really has to see it.

Licker won’t see him though — the monster is blind as a bat. Licker will walk towards you slowly, but only if it hears noise and gunshots. Make sure you’re extra sneaky around this deadly enemy, and you can get by without a fight.

Resident Evil fans will finally be able to get their hands on the remake on April 3.
Resident Evil fans will finally be able to get their hands on the remake on April 3.

So, there you have it: all the returning monsters, including the titular Nemesis, set to make their triumphant ⁠— and bloody ⁠— return in Resident Evil 3’s upcoming remake. For all things RE3, including guides and gameplay tips, stick with Dexerto.

The game will be released on April 3 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC platforms.

Apex Legends

Apex Predator shows off 28 genius tips & tricks to get better at Apex Legends

Published: 24/Jan/2021 12:50

by Joe Craven


Apex Legends content creator and Apex Predator ‘chiknnuggey’ has offered players of Respawn’s battle royale 28 tips and tricks to instantly improve in-game. 

Regardless of your rank in Apex Legends, chances are you have certain areas you can improve. Whether it’s recoil control, movement around the map or deciding how to balance your loadout, no player is completely flawless, as much as they might like to tell themselves.

Chiknnuggey, an Apex YouTuber and Predator-rank player, sits at 13,000 YouTube subscribers, and regularly posts Apex content to try and help his subscribers.

That’s exactly the aim of his January 15 video, which offers a whopping 28 tips and tricks to Apex Legends players, ensuring they’ve got the game’s basics completely nailed.

Apex Legends trio of character standing side by side
To be great at Apex Legends, you need to make sure you’ve got the basics done.

As you can imagine with 28 tips and tricks, they cover a lot of bases. The Predator’s movement tricks involve ‘zipline bouncing’ meaning you can use ziplines positioned near buildings to instantly reach an elevated position.

Another awesome trick is being able to throw grenades through closed doors. To do this, aim for the very bottom corner of the door, and use the projectile indicator. When it disappears, it means your grenade will slip through the corner of the closed doors. It’s a great way to damage an enemy you know is one the other side.

We also really like the tip to enable fast armor swaps. If you’re in a heavy loot area and planning on hanging around there, drop all the available armor on the floor. In an engagement, you can easily swap your armor for a new one, without having to open a loot box. This will give you a major health boost instantly, and could be the difference between winning and losing a fight.

There are also some more well-known tips, such as how to avoid the fall stun by meleeing a nearby surface (meleeing the ground was patched out long ago, but there’s a new way).

Your play-style may differ from some of the tips, but anything recommended by an Apex Predator should be worth trying out. If you don’t like a tactic or can’t pull it off, then drop it and stick to ones you know you’re capable of. Other than that, drop in and gives these tricks a go!