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Best Resident Evil 3 dodges and when to use them

Published: 2/Apr/2020 4:54 Updated: 1/May/2020 14:19

by David Purcell


Running through walls of zombies in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was very difficult as the dodge mechanics weren’t quite right, but they have been totally revamped in the remake. Here’s how to use it, and what types of animations to expect in-game. 

Capcom’s popular RE3 re-releases on April 3, bringing fans of the 1999 game right into the 21st century with an all-new take on the PlayStation 1 classic.

We have already put together a guide on best survival tricks and tips for the remake, and one of those is dodging. It’s so important when you think about the amount of bodies that will come pouring your way at the hands of the Masterminds – plotting your demise.

Resident Evil 3
Resident Evil 3 players need to know how to dodge in order to survive.

Whether you come up against Zombies, Grave Diggers, Hunter Betas, or Giant Spiders, knowing how to use your feet could be the difference between life and death.

YouTuber Where’s Barry has been exploring the different dodging techniques in the remake after getting his hands on the demo version, posting a video to his channel on March 22 running through those that he has discovered.

A full list can be found below, along with a short description – and included in his handy video tutorial.

All types of dodging in Resident Evil 3 remake

  • Lucky Dodge: Run past enemy without pressing dodge button, but brushes them off as an animation. This completely avoids damage.
  • Lure Dodge: Those who have played Resident Evil 2 will be familiar with this one. Run towards zombies, allow them to lunge, and turn away from them while they’re stuck in that animation. You don’t need to press a button here, either.
Dodging in Resident Evil
The counter dodge allows you to move into a better position and fire in slow motion.
  • Basic Dodge: Using the dodge button on your controller, you can move from side to side, forwards and backwards, allowing you to swiftly move into a safer space. This can be useful for changing direction swiftly. When running, you will boost forward, while standing still you will sidestep or jump back.
  • Perfect Dodge: When performed right, the screen will go white and slow down for dramatic effect. Right before an attack, which will take some time to perfect, pull off a dodge at the right moment and it will perfectly roll past enemies. This is good when you’re very close to enemies or cornered.
  • Perfect Counter: When you do a perfect dodge, pull the trigger and in slow motion action mode you can attack your enemy with whatever weapon you have in hand. This is a really good offensive tactic and makes it significantly easier to hit headshots – which are higher damage, of course.

It’s not really a case of picking the dodge that suits your type of playstyle, like you would with perks or abilities in other games. Each of these dodge techniques will be useful in different predicaments and mastering them will give an advantage as a survivor.


Resident Evil Village cosplayer goes viral as chilling mutant Daniela

Published: 24/Jan/2021 17:51 Updated: 24/Jan/2021 18:00

by Georgina Smith


An incredibly talented cosplayer has gone viral on Twitter, after posting her uncanny cosplay of mutant girl Daniela from the Resident Evil 8 Village trailer, only four days after it was released.

Popular survival horror franchise Resident Evil’s 8th game was announced back in June of 2020, and since then hype surrounding the new game entitled “Resident Evil Village” has been brewing.

The new installment, set to be released in May 2021, will follow the protagonist Ethan Winter’s journey into a mysterious village, filled with bizarre creatures and spine-tingling moments.

Resident Evil Village banner
Resident Evil 8 was announced at Sony’s PlayStation 5 event.

In an official gameplay reveal trailer that was released on January 21, fans got to take a look at some of the characters that would be joining them on their journey. One character, Lady Dimitrescu (often dubbed Tall Vampire Lady thanks to her height) has already been a hit among fans.

But alongside Lady Dimitrescu are some companions, who appear to be mutat residents in the castle, and they seem to be rather bloodthirsty from the glimpse we got in the trailer. One of the girls, named Daniela, has also been a hit among fans.

Cosplayer Kayla Erin decided that she wanted to try and recreate this brand new character, despite it only being four days after the trailer was released. But it’s safe to say that she did an extraordinary job of this cosplay, going viral on Twitter.

She’s cloaked in the same dark hood, overlaying a black long sleeve shirt with a deep scoop neck. On either side, she’s clipped some gold brooches that emulate the ones seen in the gameplay trailer, and this metallic look is matched with the various pendants that hang from her neck.

Deep red blood is smeared around her mouth, with heavy black makeup surrounding her eyes, stark against her blonde hair that mimics Daniela’s exactly. She’s even smiling in the exact same way, making for a very chilling, as well as a remarkably accurate cosplay.

At the time of writing her post has garnered over 82,000 likes, people flooding the tweet with compliments, commenting on how quickly she got the cosplay to look so accurate.

There’s no doubt that people will be producing more fantastic Resident Evil cosplays in the run-up to the release as the hype continues.