Renowned leaker claims Nintendo could announce new Switch within 6 months

Bill Cooney

A renowned leaker who’s been correct in the past has claimed that Nintendo could be announcing a brand-new Switch console soon.

We could soon see a brand-new type of Switch console announced soon, if leaker ‘Moore’s Law is Dead’ latest assessment is correct.

Moore’s Law is Dead has a number of leaks under his belt, mainly for upcoming hardware and graphics cards releases.

Now, he’s claiming that new evidence points to a never-before-seen Switch console set to be revealed within the next few months.

“Nintendo could announce a new model within six months”

Nintendo Switch console and games
Moore’s Law is Dead claims a new Switch could be announced soon.

During an episode of the Broken Silicon podcasrt on August 2, Moore’s Law said the that if new, next-gen Switch dev kits had been sent to developers already, we could see a new Switch announced sooner than later.

“I have been told dev kits are out, I think you guys might be underestimating that Nintendo could announce a new model within 6 months,” Moore claimed. “I guess I’m kind of letting the cat out of the bag here.”

Of course, nothing has been officially announced by Nintendo at the time of writing, so it’s impossible to say whether or not Moore’s leak is legit or not.

That being said though, it’s been five years since the original Switch was released in 2017, which is plenty of time for Nintendo to possibly come up with something new.