RE Village’s Lady Dimitrescu gets fittingly large statue

lady dimitrescu statue re villageCapcom, PureArts

Capcom and PureArts joined to produce a sizable statue for Resident Evil Village’s Lady Dimitrescu, which stands three feet tall and boasts an equally hefty price tag.

The Vampire Lady, as Lady Dimitrescu was colloquially known for some time, captured the hearts of the masses months ahead of Resident Evil Village’s launch.

Standing 9 feet 6 inches, she counts among the tallest figures in Resident Evil lore, even eclipsing the height of Nemesis who stands just over 7 feet tall.

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But Lady Dimitrescu’s height isn’t all that turned her into an overnight internet sensation. The villain’s beauty and generally elegant demeanor fascinated fans, as well. Fortunately, these less monstrous aspects of her character will be immortalized in statue form.

PureArts announces pricey Lady Dimitrescu statue

purearts lady dimitrescu statue re villageCapcom, PureArts
Exclusive Edition of the Lady D statue.

Statue and sculpture manufacturer PureArts has opened pre-orders for a 1/4 scale Lady Dimitrescu statue that stands approximately three feet tall.

The new product costs $1,500 for the Exclusive Edition, of which only 100 will be produced. As of writing, the PureArts website does not feature a listing for the Standard Edition.

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Those who order the Exclusive Edition model can expect it to begin shipping on an unspecified date in Q3 2023, according to the product page.

Comprised of polyresin and textiles, PureArts’ 1/4 scale Lady Dimitrescu statue boasts a removable hat, synthetic hair, two hand poses (cigarette holder pose and extended claws), and a faux wood and marble base.

The Exclusive Edition also comes complete with a metal replica of the Vampire Lady’s key.

It’s clear Capcom’s support of the love for Lady Dimitrescu won’t grind to a halt anytime soon. Notably, the Resident Evil Village Winters’ Expansion will add new playable characters to the existing Mercenaries Mode, one of which includes the Lady of Castle Dimitrescu.

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Capcom plans to unleash the new content this fall on October 28.

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