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All PS5 Treat Codes and answers (March 2022)

Published: 7/Mar/2022 10:42

by Jacob Hale


PlayStation are giving away a whole bunch of PS5s to committed fans with the launch of ‘Treat Codes’ — and it’s incredibly easy to get involved.

PlayStation 5 consoles are still notoriously difficult to come by despite having launched in November 2020, with several aspiring players still unable to grab one from retailers.

Defined as “a contest that puts you and fellow gamers at the center of a globe-spanning code hunt,” PlayStation will be releasing 14 codes worldwide for eagle-eyed players to find, enter, and be in with a chance of winning a free PS5.

Here’s all the info you need to know on PS5 Treat Codes, including when the promotion is available and the codes that have been found.


All PS5 Treat Codes and answers

ps5 treat code example
Treat Codes will be presented as PlayStation button inputs.

There are 14 PS5 Treat Codes in total, and each code provides you with an opportunity to enter and win a PS5 console. This means finding every code will give you 14 opportunities to enter the contest.

Once you enter the code, you’ll have to answer a question, from which you’ll be entered into the draw.

Here are all the confirmed PS5 Treat Codes and answers so far:

PS5 Treat Code 1

  • Code: L2, Triangle, R1, Circle, L1, X, Left D-pad, Right D-pad, R2, Square
  • Answer: 15,000,000,000

Ps5 Treat Code 2

  • Code: L2, R2, Triangle, R1, L1, Circle, Left D-Pad, X, Square, Right D-Pad
  • Answer: 5,000,000,000

PS5 Treat Code 3

  • Code: Triangle, R2, Left D-Pad, Circle, L2, Right D-Pad, X, L1, R1, Square
  • Answer: 1,500,000

PS5 Treat Code 4

  • Code: L1, Triangle, L2, Right D-Pad, R2, Circle, Left D-Pad, X, Square, R1
  • Answer: 10,000,000

PS5 Treat Code 5

  • Code: Triangle, Circle, L1, Right D-Pad, X, Left D-Pad, R1, Square, L2, Right D-Pad
  • Answer: 2,000,000

PS5 Treat Code 6

  • Code: R1, Triangle, R2, L2, Circle, Left D-Pad, X, L1, Right D-Pad, Square
  • Answer: 12,000,000,000

PS5 Treat Code 7

  • Code: Triangle, Right D-Pad, Circle, L1, X, R2, Left D-Pad, Square, L2, Right D-Pad
  • Answer: 1,800,000

PS5 Treat Code 8

  • Code: L2, R2, Triangle, Circle, Left D-Pad R1, Right D-Pad, X, Square, L1
  • Answer: 2,500,000

PS5 Treat Code 9

  • Code: Triangle, Left D-Pad, Circle, L1, L2, X, Square, R2, R1, Right D-Pad
  • Answer: 2,500,000

PS5 Treat Code 10

  • Code: Triangle, R1, Left D-Pad, R2, Circle, Right D-Pad, X, L1, Square, L2
  • Answer: 14,000,000

PS5 Treat Code 11

  • Code: Right D-Pad, Left D-Pad, R2, Triangle, Circle, L2, X, Square, Right D-Pad, Left D-Pad
  • Answer: 800,000

PS5 Treat Code 12

  • Code: L1, Triangle, Circle, Right D-Pad, X, L1, Left D-Pad, Square, Right D-Pad, Left D-Pad
  • Answer: 1,000,000

PS5 Treat Code 13

  • Code: R1, Right D-Pad, Triangle, L1, Circle, X, R2, Square, L2, Left D-Pad
  • Answer: 2,500,000,000

PS5 Treat Code 14

  • Code: Left D-Pad, L2, Triangle, Right D-Pad, Circle, R2, X, Square, R1, L1
  • Answer: 3,000,000

You will see a crown symbol beside every ‘quest’ you have completed to confirm your entry has been submitted.

How to sign up for PS5 Treat Codes

Entering to win one of the nine PS5s available isn’t as easy as just inputting the code on the PlayStation website (though it’s not far off it).


Here’s what you have to do:

  1. Head to the PS5 Treat Codes page.
  2. Click on one of the ‘Enter Code’ prompts.
  3. Sign up with your PlayStation network ID.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions set out in the Official Rules to be able to enter codes.

PS5 Treat Codes end date

The PS5 Treat Codes campaign started with the first code going live on Tuesday, February 15. Codes were then released on a daily basis until 14 went out, with the last released on Monday, February 28.

The campaign doesn’t end on February 28, though. Hopeful winners will have a chance to enter as many codes as they can find until 10am PST (1pm EST/6pm GMT) on Monday, March 7.