PS5 scalper reportedly tries and fails to return consoles at Walmart

Brianna Reeves
ps5 scalper Walmart

Reportedly, a PS5 scalper hoping to get rid of surplus stock was turned away by management at their local Walmart.

Because of the pandemic-induced semiconductor shortage, console manufacturers struggled with supplying demand at the start of the generation.

As a result, stocks were low around the world, creating the perfect opportunity for scalpers to buy bundles of new-gen consoles, then sell them above market price online.

The issue persisted until late last year and, according to Sony, PS5 should prove a lot easier to purchase now. Naturally, Sony’s ability to meet demand will complicate things for scalpers still holding onto stacks of consoles.

Walmart turns away PS5 scalper trying to sell back hardware

Redditor Donthurtmyceilings recently posted a photo of someone standing at a Walmart checkout counter, their basket filled with PS5s.

The Reddit user claims the customer tried returning the consoles to the supercenter. According to someone else in the thread, ahent, a similar post elsewhere revealed the Walmart manager “wouldn’t take them back.”

This particular store supposedly received word from another in the area who warned of the desperate scalper’s attempts. “Apparently, [the customer] was told all the Walmarts in the area had been notified not to take them back.”

The veracity of the story isn’t yet clear at the time of writing. Should any of the above prove accurate, though, it seems PS5 scalpers won’t have any luck trying to get their money back at Walmart.

Other users in the Reddit thread argue this is the comeuppance scalpers deserve. “Ahh, when scalpers can’t make a profit anymore. Nature is healing,” one person wrote. Someone else added, “yeah, seeing this happen just puts a smile on my face.”

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