Is there a post-credits scene in God of War Ragnarok?

Brad Norton
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When all is said and done in God of War Ragnarok’s gargantuan story, does a special post-credits scene await to tease fans on where the franchise is headed next? Here’s what you need to know.

After years of waiting, God of War Ragnarok is finally out in the wild and as developers have teased, looks to conclude the Norse arc of Kratos’ ongoing journey. But does the 2022 release hint at what might be next for the iconic PlayStation figure?

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Given the electrifying conclusion to God of War (2018), as Thor made his presence known in Midgard, many have been expecting the trend to continue in Ragnarok, with a similar post-credits scene teasing what’s to come.

So now that we’ve played through the game in full and uncovered every secret hidden across the realms, we can now answer the question. Does God of War Ragnarok have a post-credits scene? Read on to find out.

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From this point on we’ll be entering spoiler territory and discussing many of the biggest surprises throughout God of War Ragnarok. We highly recommend you experience the story for yourself before reading any further, as many twists and turns are best discovered in your own playthrough. But if you’re still here, continue down the page at your own risk.

Does God of War Ragnarok have a post-credits scene?

Despite how the previous game ended, there is no official post-credits scene in God of War Ragnarok per se. Unlike its predecessor, you won’t find a proper cinematic at the tail end of this experience to outline where Kratos is heading next. However, that’s not to say the story doesn’t continue in certain ways after the credits roll.

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Once the main narrative itself comes to a close, there’s still plenty left to see and do in Ragnarok. During some of this bonus content, you’ll find a number of sequences that, in essence, serve as post-credit scenes themselves.

God of War Ragnarok endingSony
God of War Ragnarok leaves the door wide open for possible stories moving forward.

There’s Brok’s funeral, and while it doesn’t exactly tease the future of the series, it provides even more closure for the game in focus and even features another interaction between Kratos and Sindri.

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Next up, there’s a missable moment with Thrud on Alfheim. After the events on Asgard, Thrud takes up her father’s weapon Mjolnir, flying off into the distance soon after she proves worthy and picks it up. While not a post-credits scene in the traditional sense, this brief highlight could hint at her future involvement elsewhere in the franchise, now with a mighty hammer in hand.

Serving as another continuation of the narrative after credits roll is a side quest on Niflheim. While there’s nothing much here for you throughout the game beyond Odin’s Ravens, an essential mission opens up after the main storyline. With Odin defeated, Kratos and Freya can venture to a secret prison of his, one that just so happens to be holding Tyr captive. The real Tyr.

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All along, the actual God of War had been alive, just hidden away in a realm none sought to find. While it’s unclear what his future holds now that he’s been freed, there’s every chance we see Tyr again in the near future.

For the time being, reaching 100% completion across all realms in Ragnarok doesn’t unlock a special post-credits scene. At least, not that we could find in our playthrough. So even after clearing all side missions, finding every collectible, and ridding the realms of Asgardian fallout, don’t expect to see a unique teaser for what lies ahead.

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