Is there a Persona 5: The Phantom X mobile game beta?

Persona 5 mobile game main character looking at the screenAtlus/Perfect World Games

Wondering whether the Persona 5 mobile game will be getting a beta release date? Well, our handy hub has outlined everything you need to know. 

The Persona mobile game, otherwise known as Persona 5: The Phantom X is the latest JRPG that has fans excited. While Atlus has recently released Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Golden to PC and consoles, there has been very little news when it comes to the sixth entry in the beloved series. 

While Persona 5: The Phantom X isn’t the next mainline installment in the ever-growing saga, it has captured the attention of Phantom Thieves fans from around the world. However, unlike the original Persona 5, Phantom X is a mobile title and features a new cast of characters. 

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So, here’s everything you need to know about whether Persona 5: The Phantom X mobile game will get a beta. 

Is there a Persona 5 mobile beta? 

Persona 5 mobile game main character standing in the streetAtlus/Perfect World Games
The Persona 5 mobile game features a new cast of characters.

The Persona 5 mobile beta began in China on March 29, 2023. However, the game’s first public test is not currently available to play in other regions. It’s currently unknown whether Persona 5: The Phantom X will see a Western or Japanese release. 

This is frustrating news for fans who are looking to delve into a new Persona adventure, but while the beta isn’t currently available outside of China, that doesn’t mean the game won’t get localized in the future. 

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After all, it’s still very early days. It’s also important to note, that Atlus has been keen to expand its audience for a number of its titles, with both Shin Megami Tensei and Persona receiving more attention than ever in the West. 

For now, though, those looking to play the Persona 5 Mobile beta will need need to jump through some hoops to play it or simply wait for an official EU and US release. Of course, we’ll be sure to update this piece as soon as we receive further updates. 

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