Overwatch player shares wild Reaper trick to pull off flying Death Blossom

Theo Salaun
overwatch reaper death blossomBlizzard Entertainment

It’s not very common for players to find new tricks in six-year-old games, but Overwatch fans aren’t your common gamers. One has revealed a secret Reaper tech that allows you to ambush enemies with flying Death Blossoms on Oasis.

All Overwatch maps seem to have sneaky opportunities and Oasis is most certainly no exception. Fans might remember the first Cassidy Deadeye or Soldier 76 Tactical Visor they saw using the jump pad, or even the ridiculous Cassidy and Mei combo tech.

Overwatch released in 2016 and, around a year later, Oasis was added to the map pool. Despite existing for about five years, most of the community is shocked by a player’s new discover on the map.

As found and demonstrated by ‘McMagicMarv,’ you can apparently use a combination of Reaper’s Shadow Step and the Oasis City Center jump pad to surprise enemies with a flying Death Blossom.

Overwatch fan finds Reaper flying Death Blossom trick

MagicMarv’s trick is entirely counterintuitive and that’s probably what has so many players surprised by the tech. Basically, to pull it off you need to jump upward and click to teleport onto the balcony as soon as your character is falling back into the jump tube.

Done properly, this will allow Reaper to begin his jump right as the Shadow Step animation begins – and that bounce carries over to your teleportation.

As Marv shows in the clip, you can use this trick to fly all the way to the attacking team’s choke at the point and deliver a Death Blossom from above. Combine it with your Wraith Form to ensure a safe trip through the skies as well.

It’s not exactly clear whether you need to follow Marv’s exact positioning or timing, but his version is the only one we’ve seen so far. In the comments, players were sincerely appreciative of the discovery.

One user said “this was genuinely impressive compared to the clips I usually see,” while another was more colorful in their support: “That is f**king horrifying, I love it.”