OSRS player becomes first-ever to max all four different Ironman accounts

Alex Garton
Old School Runescape Ironman

Dedicated Old School Runescape YouTuber DeviousOSRS has become the first ever player to max all four different types of Ironman accounts after over 8 years of grinding.

As an MMORPG, OSRS gives players the freedom to choose their own path through the world of Gielinor, reaching personal goals and achievements as they level up their character.

While the majority of the community chooses to make a standard account with no restrictions, some opt for the Ironman mode which offers a completely different experience.

Unable to trade or exchange items with other adventurers, Ironman accounts must be self-sufficient and gain everything on their own or in their Ironman group.

For the majority of players, just one of these accounts is enough of a task, but DeviousOSRS has taken it to the next level, maxing an Ironman, Hardcore Ironman, Ultimate Ironman, and a Hardcore Group Ironman.

Old School Runescape ironman
Old School Runescape reached its tenth anniversary back in February.

Dedicated OSRS player maxes every type of Ironman account

OSRS YouTuber DeviousOSRS is the first ever player to max every single type of Ironman account in the game.

With a total playtime of over 19,000 hours, the impressive goal took him over eight and a half years and required a tremendous amount of dedication.

A lot of players were surprised to see that the standard Ironman account took the longest, but this does make sense given this mode was released back in 2014 when training methods were significantly less efficient.

In his YouTube video covering the achievement, Devious revealed his plans for the future after finally maxing out all four accounts.

While he was considering maxing his main, he decided he needs a break from grinding skills and is instead going to be working towards a collection log competition on his Ultimate Ironman.