Nintendo unveils Mario Switch OLED just in time for Super Mario Bros Wonder

Super Mario Bros Wonder RED OLED SwitchNintendo

Nintendo has just revealed a new Mario-themed Switch OLED that will be released just in time for Super Mario Bros Wonder’s launch.

With just two months until the launch of Super Mario Bros Wonder on October 10, 2023, Nintendo has begun hyping up the release.

In a Nintendo Direct on August 31, 2023, the company showed off a handful of features for the upcoming game as well as a new limited-edition Switch OLED.

Preorders began shortly after the announcement, and it’s set to launch just in time for Super Mario Bros Wonder.

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New Mario OLED Switch has a nostalgic Easter Egg

As the company’s latest limited-edition Nintendo Switch OLED, the Mario Red edition is based on the iconic protagonist’s shirt color.

It’s fitted with a red dock and matching joy cons that make up a large chunk of the design, and the back side has a rather unique Easter egg.

You’ll immediately notice the Mario character shadow in the bottom left, but when you take off the back port cover and you’ll see a series of Super Mario Bros coins.

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Nintendo Switch OLEDNintendo

Shortly after it was announced and made its way to social media, many began flooding posts with their thoughts about the design.

“The “nice” parts of this edition is on the back where no one can see it. Nice? Meh,” one user replied.

Another said: “Well, this looks pretty basic. It’s a pass for me.”

“The coins are a nice touch but man how did a company with so many cool DS and 3DS variants fall so far from Grace with their switch variants,” a third user replied.

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However, others absolutely love the minimal design and subtle easter egg hidden behind the port cover. It’s set to release on October 6, 2023, and is currently available for preorder on the Nintendo Store website.

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