Nintendo fans think Super Mario Odyssey 2 is coming after email teaser

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Mario fans are freaking out after a recent press email from Nintendo surrounding Super Mario Odyssey seems to drop some cryptic hints.

Super Mario Odyssey was undoubtedly one of the standout games in 2017, with many praising the tight platforming gameplay and the game’s fresh spin on the traditional Mario series.

With the announcement of Breath of the Wild 2, many fans were also curious as to whether or not Nintendo would announce a direct sequel to its other smash hit in 2017. Unfortunately, no news of Odyssey 2 came to fruition.

However, some fans have started to think there’s hope for a Mario Odyssey sequel following a recent press email Nintendo has started to send out at the start of 2023.

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Fans think Nintendo may be hinting at Super Mario Odyssey 2

As shown in a tweet from Nintendo news aggregate Nintendo Prime (who credited Twitter users sonicchriz and StarryMirage), Nintendo has started sending out press emails surrounding Super Mario Oddysey. This struck some fans as odd for a number of different reasons—including the fact that the game has been dormant for quite some time.

However, the line that has many fans excited is as follows: “But there may be even more out there still to be discovered… Perhaps it’s worth hopping aboard The Odyssey once more and taking the trip all over again.”

The part about there “may be even more out there still to be discovered…” has some fans thinking that more Mario Odyssey is on the way. “I’m not getting my hopes [up], but…is it time for another 3D Mario adventure,” asked one Mario fan.

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Nintendo Prime also made the point that it seemed strange that Nintendo is promoting Mario Odyssey again considering it was released five years ago. “Why are they promoting Odyssey again? They have so many other Mario properties to push that are newer. Hmm…”

Of course, this could very well just be a strange round of promotion for the game. Some fans pointed out that with the Super Mario Bros. Movie slated for April 7, 2023, Nintendo could just be advertising the most recent mainline Mario title to those who may not have played it.

There are certainly arguments to be made for and against this email as a hint for an upcoming Mario Odyssey sequel, though no official announcements have been made. For now, Nintendo fans will just have to wait and see if Mario pops up in any upcoming Nintendo Direct presentations in 2023.

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