MTG head confirms character from Magic’s worst set Homelands is returning

Joel Loynds
MTG Homelands Jovan and Autumn Willow

The lead designer of MTG, Mark Rosewater, put out his official teases for March of the Machines. However, it seems something else is coming too.

Despite many Magic: The Gathering players never having played Homelands, it’s notorious for being the worst set ever put out for the 30-year-old game. MTG players from back in the day despised the set due to its unplayable cards and lackluster design.

With March of the Machines launching next month, a new type of legendary card is making its way into the game. These tag teams are representations of Magic’s most iconic characters, banding together to take on the Phyrexian hoards.

Mark Rosewater, the lead designer on MTG, usually publishes his official teasers for the set on his blog. This time, one has stood out:

“A legendary creature returns not seen since Homelands.”

Fans are now speculating which legendary creature could be featured from Magic’s infamous set of cards. Right now though, a gag amongst the crowd might quickly become true.

On Reddit, the discussion has turned to both lore and reprints, with users trying to narrow down which characters haven’t been “seen” since their original printing in 1995.

Every legendary in Homelands

  • Autumn Willow
  • Baron Sengir
  • Chandler
  • Daughter of Autumn
  • Eron the Relentless
  • Grandmother Sengir
  • Hazduhr the Abbot
  • Ihsan’s Shade
  • Irini Sengir
  • Joven
  • Rashka the Slayer
  • Reveka, Wizard Savant
  • Soraya the Falconer
  • Veldrane of Sengir

Which legendary from Homelands will be in MTG: March of the Machines?

MTG Homelands cards

While we don’t know the answer, the likely suspect is Autumn Willow, one of the only recognizable cards from the Homelands set.

The only cards from the list above that had their characters reprinted in other sets are Baron Sengir and Eron, which were last seen in MTG sets Commander Legends (2020) and Time Spiral (2006), respectively.

Current theories, including our own, have landed on Autumn Willow due to the lore surrounding her. Avatars within MTG are mighty creatures, and while Autumn Willow the card was a stinker, she is the spirit of the forest.

Not only does this make her a key choice in terms of the most powerful characters teaming up, but also because she’s probably the only one still alive.

Within the lore of MTG, a lot of the characters would have died over time due to being just regular mortals. It’s unlikely that Hazduhr the Abbot will return due to them being geriatric back then.

MTG fans want Joven


The joke right now is that because MTG’s Homelands was so notoriously bad, it should be represented by a horrible card. In this case, that’s Joven.

Joven is a 3/3 for five mana (3RR) and the ability to spend three red mana and tap the card (effectively putting it out of action for combat and defense) to destroy a non-creature artifact.

It was a rotten card even back then and it’s even worse now. The only thing carrying its legacy is just how terrible it is. By no means the very, very worst card in the game, but certainly a prime example as to why Homelands was bad.

Tag teaming Joven, despite the possibility that he’s very dead, with another character to take on the influx of artifact cards would be exciting.

There’s also the possibility that he – or any of the Homelands characters – could return thanks to Teferi traveling back in time in Dominaria United.

However, with the current storyline featuring a giant tree that’s broken into every realm in the multiverse, it’s more likely that Autumn Willow will slip out of a crack somewhere.

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