March of the Machines first look set for MagicCon Philidelphia


MagicCon kicks off in Philadelphia this year and not only does it plan to host live gaming again, but also bring a first look at the newest set.

MagicCon, once known as either the Pro Tour, Magic Fest, or The Grand Prix, is the new form to celebrate 30 years of MTG.

It isn’t just bringing the Gathering back to Magic: The Gathering, but Wizards of the Coast plans to bring the first real look at March of the Machines.

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March of the Machines

March of the Machines is the finale to the current storyline which the game’s sets are currently revolving around. The infectious and Borg-like Phyrexians want to assimilate the entire multiverse and have found a way through the barrier.

Not only are the heroes of the story falling to the infection, and being turned into grotesque monsters, but Wizards are claiming this will “change the world of Magic: The Gathering forever.”

Details are currently slim on March of the Machines, but if there’s any indication of how things will go after the current All Will Be One set, it looks brutal.

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MagicCon event dates

MagicCon kicks off in Philadelphia, but will be hosted in the following cities throughout the year:

  • February 17–19, 2023: MagicCon: Philadelphia
  • May 5–7, 2023: MagicCon: Minneapolis
  • July 28–30: MagicCon: Barcelona
  • September 22–24, 2023: MagicCon: Las Vegas and Magic World Championship XXIX

Magic event issues

Wizard recently swapped over to company ReedPop, to run these new events. ReedPop currently runs PAX. However, for last year’s Magic 30th event in Las Vegas, there were multiple complaints regarding how it was run.

The hope here is that things will have been ironed out for the upcoming MagicCon events.

Magic 30 was plagued with event registration issues, and the hall began kicking attendees out at 7 PM, even though events and games were running until 9 PM. One person claimed that they only managed to play a single game of Magic in the entire time they attended the event.

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