Modder brings Halo to the Yakuza series and it’s glorious

Nathan Warby
Yakuza 0 charcaters with Master Chief helmetMicrosoft / Sega

A Yakuza modder has brought Halo’s Master Chief and the Arbiter to Yakuza 0, and it’s just as bonkers as it sounds.

On the face of it, the Yakuza series and Microsoft’s Halo franchise have very little in common. One is an Xbox-exclusive FPS that defined an entire genre, while the other is a wacky action-adventure game with over-the-top martial arts combat.

The serious tone of the Halo games feels like it’s a world away from Sega’s fan-favorite series, but that’s not to say the two don’t share a fanbase.

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Now, through the beauty of PC mods, the two worlds have collided, and it’s every bit as bizarre as you’d expect.

Modder brings Master Chief to Yakuza 0

The Yakuza series is known for its quirky minigames, designed to break up the action with some light-hearted fun. In Yakuza 0, players can take part in a game of pool, mahjong, and even visit a cabaret club.

Twitter user Kashiiera posted clips of two mods, the first of which showed the Master Chief going for broke in Yakuza 0’s dancing minigame, throwing shapes as the crowd looked on.

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Fans seemed to respond well to the idea, with one fan joking: “Even the mighty Master Chief needs some time to unwind.”

The second, captioned “Arbiter is out for blood,” shows the Halo 2 protagonist brutally taking out an enemy in Yakuza’s signature combat scenarios.

The Arbiter had no use for an Energy Sword, instead opting for a nearby car door to deal hefty damage to his helpless opponent.

Although the sequence looked slick, Kashiiera clearly had a hard time bringing the mod to life: “This is as good as it’s gonna get, kinda hard to rig an alien to a human armature lol.”

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If Spartans and aliens are what you need to spice up Yakuza 0 seven years after its release, both the Master Chief and Arbiter mods can be downloaded from NexusMods.

While Yakuza and Halo were the last franchises we’d expect to see thrown together, we hope it’s not the last time the two join forces. Maybe next time we’ll see Kazuma Kiryu battling through waves of The Flood.

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