Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President Says he Wants to Make Cross-Progression on all Games Happen

After experiencing frustration at the lack of cross-progression on all games between Xbox One and PC, Microsoft’s Corporate Vice President, Mike Ybarra, wants to fix that.

Cross-play between Xbox and PC has been high on the agenda for Microsoft since it announced the Play Anywhere program at E3 2016, allowing users to buy a game for either platform and be able to play it on the other, without having to buy it again.

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Despite the ground Microsoft has been making on this front, it seems this isn’t enough for Ybarra, who wants to see cross-progression become standard practice.

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As a gamer, he’s been annoyed by having to make the decision between playing a game on Xbox One or PC, rather than being able to start on one and pick up where he left off on the other. So he’s set a goal to make it happen.

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The idea does exist at the moment, but only on certain titles, like Fortnite. But if Ybarra succeeds with his suggestion, you would be able to swap platforms on any and every game.

Though cross-progression has been a point of contention with Sony recently, with the company actively blocking the feature for those with PlayStation-linked Fortnite accounts, it looks like Microsoft are determined to go even further.

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They also recently released a trailer with Nintendo which seemed to take shots at Sony directly for their stubbornness on cross-play and cross-progression.

An official date or time period hasn’t been announced for this addition, but with Ybarra’s passionate tweet, it looks like it’s only a matter of time until cross-progression on all games is realised.