Leakers say Nintendo Direct & new games upcoming: Mario Kart 10, Rogue Squadron 4

Michael Gwilliam
A poster for the next Nintendo Direct

A couple of Nintendo leakers are teasing an upcoming Nintendo Direct within the next month and some major new games that could be announced at the same time.

The last big Nintendo Direct not to focus on any individual game or indie titles was back on September 23. Since then, fans have been wondering when the next presentation will be.

With rumors swirling, a couple of established insiders have teased when the next Direct could be along with several games in the works.

As always, take these rumors with a grain of salt, but if they’re true, then Nintendo fans will have quite a lot to be excited for in 2022.

Nintendo Direct possibly leaked

According to SamusHunter, an announcement for a Direct is scheduled for before the middle of February.

“I’m hearing some announcement scheduled and launch period for games that right now makes me confident to say that it should arrive before last February direct,” they wrote, noting how it would be before February 17.

However, they went on to add that the Direct could be even sooner and didn’t rule out January as a possibility, “I don’t rule out that it could also arrive in January. There are announcements that are usually scheduled two months before launch that fall in late March.”

Leaker claims to reveal multiple Nintendo games

Additionally, LeakyPandy, an account run by a group of people, is claiming that Nintendo has a bunch of games expected to be revealed in 2022 including a new Xenoblade game, Rogue Squadron IV, Mario Kart, Pikmin, and a sequel to Pokken.

According to the leaker, Mario Kart 10 could be subtitled “Crossroads” and will feature characters from numerous IPs. Interestingly, this naming convention would completely skip Mario Kart 9.

LeakyPandy also states that Pokken Tournament 2, a new Ninja Gaiden title and more are expected to be revealed sometime this year, but it’s unclear if they will be shown off at the rumored Direct.

We’ll have to see what the future holds and if these leaks end up being true, but if some end up being announced soon, there’s a good chance that others end up following suit in the months ahead.