Insider claims Dead Space devs are working on EA’s Iron Man game

An image of Iron Man in Marvel's AvengersCrystal Dynamics, Marvel

Dead Space developers are allegedly moving onto EA’s rumored Iron Man game, which could be released before an additional Black Panther open-world project.

During the Marvel and Disney Games Showcase on September 9, players were treated to the first glimpse of Skydance’s new Marvel project, which stars the likes of Captain America and Black Panther. However, some anticipated the reveal of another Marvel hero due to get their chance in the limelight of gaming again. 

In August, rumors of a new Iron Man game began to circulate, that would come from Electronic Arts in the future. This project is also in development alongside a Black Panther open-world title too.

Details of the Marvel game were light, but now GamesBeat journalist and known leaker Jeff Grubb claims that the project should have been teased during Disney D23 expo. 

Jeff Grubb on EA’s Iron Man game: “It’s coming before Black Panther”

While the alleged Marvel project didn’t make an appearance at Disney’s D23 Expo, GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb said on social media that “you shouldn’t have to wait much longer to hear about it, but you will have to wait to play it.”

The project will reportedly hit shelves before EA’s other superhero project too: “It’s coming before Black Panther.”

Alongside his claims, Grubb also alleged that Dead Space developers Motive will be moving onto Iron Man once they’ve wrapped up the upcoming remake. 

“Motive is doing Iron Man after Dead Space. A team of former Shadow of Mordor devs will make Black Panther.”

This leak was corroborated by a source at Axios, according to a report obtained by Gamespot: “an Axios source familiar with the project says it had still been in development recently at one of the company’s Canadian studios.”

Motive are based in Montreal, Canada and have previously worked on Star Wars Battlefront 2 and Star Wars: Squadrons. 

With the absence of EA Play Live this year, the reveal of EA’s Marvel titles remains under wraps.