How to get your 2021 PlayStation Wrap-Up on PS4 & PS5

Theo Salaun
Insomniac Games / Sony

Gamers wanting to know how they spent 2021 are in luck. If you played on PS4 or PS5, here is how you can access your PlayStation Wrap-Up – including total hours played and how much you spent on each game, local or online.

Every year, people hit social media with a number of wrap-ups to recap how they spent their time. For the musically inclined, Spotify Wrapped is the creme de la creme. For stream enthusiasts, the Twitch recap provides some lovely data.

PlayStation gamers aren’t being ignored either. While the PlayStation Wrap-Up is released a few weeks later than the others, halfway through January 2022, gamers can still get their mitts on some 2021 nostalgia.

Whether you gamed on PS4 or PS5, here’s how you can get your PS Wrap-Up and see how much time you spent enjoying your console – and which games stole your heart.

How to get your PlayStation Wrap-Up on PS4 and PS5

Getting your PlayStation Wrap-Up is fairly simple and the only information you’ll need to have handy are your PS Sign-In ID (email address) and password.

  1. Visit the PlayStation Wrap-Up website
  2. Sign in with your PS email address and password
  3. Let the page load (might take some time)
  4. Enjoy scrolling through your total hours, games played, and etc.

PlayStation Wrap-Up features: Hours, games, more

Ratchet and Clank Rift ApartInsomniac Games
Ratchet and Clank was one of PlayStation’s most-played games in 2021.

The PS Wrap-Up gives you a bunch of personalized information to remember your year. First, you’ll see your total hours played, followed by your hours playing online, locally, and on VR.

It will also tell you how many games you played in 2021, right before listing out your five most-played games (ordered by total hours per title). Last but not least, you’ll get to see the trophies you earned in the past year as well.

Additionally, the Wrap-Up also gives some community stats for the global PlayStation audience. Titles like Death Stranding, Returnal, and Ratchet and Clank each see some unique spotlights on players’ combined accomplishments.