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How long is Martha is Dead? Time to beat & completionist run

Published: 22/Mar/2022 14:00

by Lauren Bergin


LKA’s Martha is Dead is a torturous tale of trauma and tragedy, but just how long does it take to play through and fully complete? 

As bombs fall on 1940s Tuscany, a tragic tale unfolds in the seemingly innocent Kapo household in LKA’s Martha is Dead.

Revolving around Guilia, the daughter of a high-ranking German officer and twin sister to the titular character, Martha, this woeful wartime story pushes boundaries and takes names despite not containing hours and hours worth of content.

Less is sometimes more, though, so just how long is Martha is Dead? And how long will it take to finish off a completionist run of the game? Here’s everything you need to know.



martha is dead martha in coffin while girl prays
Martha is Dead may not have a long campaign, but boy is it a rollercoaster.

How long is Martha is Dead?

Martha is Dead takes around six and a half hours to complete, according to playtime data aggregator

This applies across all platforms (PC, PlayStation, Xbox), and is based on a poll of 37 players. Of course, you may be able to complete it a little quicker, but this is the average time others spent exploring the rolling hills of this macabre universe.

Skipping scenes like the partisan storyline, or ignoring the picture taking side missions will allow you get to the end quicker, but it depends whether or not you like to fully complete the games you play.

Martha is Dead: Completionist run

Even for those looking to fully complete the game, the playtime still comes in at around six and a half hours. This is because most of the content is self-contained in the actual story, meaning you don’t have many optional objectives.


So that’s how long you’ll spend exploring the horrific world of Martha is Dead. Looking to dive into this series of unfortunate events? Be sure to check out our other guides to help you get by:

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