Where to find the bike pump in Martha is Dead to complete ‘The Bicycle’ quest

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Martha is Dead forces players into a 1940s rural Italian mindset, meaning that you’ll be riding bikes instead of  zipping around in fancy cars – but to do so you’ll need to find the bicycle pump.

LKA’s World War II horror title, Martha is Dead, has already raised eyebrows due to its explicit, traumatic content, with Sony choosing to censor various elements of the game‘s PlayStation 4 and 5 versions ahead of release.

Set in a rural hamlet in 1940s Italy, players adopt the persona of Giulia, a young woman who takes on the identity of her twin sister, Martha, following her tragic death. Determined to uncover the truth about her apparent murder, Giulia gets around using an old bicycle positioned just outside of her family home.

It turns out, however, that it has a flat tyre, meaning you’ll need a pump to inflate it. Here’s where to find the bicycle pump in Martha is Dead and, in turn, complete ‘The Bicycle’ quest.


martha is dead bicycle in an Italian hamlet
Giulia’s bike is just outside of the family home, but how do you deal with that irritating flat tyre?

Martha is Dead: Bicycle pump location

When you first approach the bike, Giulia will inform you that the pump to inflate the tyre is near her parents’ bicycles, specifically her father’s.

These are located in the closed front porch of the house, in the area adjacent to where Martha’s coffin lies during the first stages of the game.

From where Giulia’s bicycle is in the front yard:

  1. Enter the house
  2. Go left through the hallway, past the kitchen and basement entrance
  3. Continue through the parlour, past Martha’s coffin, to the open door ahead
    • In the later stages of the game, post-burial, the table will be empty
    • You can also interact with Martha’s body, and take a photo to complete a separate quest
  4. Once you’ve entered the porch, the bicycles are leaning on the wall to the right-hand side
  5. Approach the front bicycle, and the pump is situated on the frame (see image below)
  6. Interact with the pump to pick it up
martha is dead bicycle bike pump location
The bike pump is easy to miss if you’re not careful!

How to fix the bike & complete ‘The Bicycle’ quest

From here, you’ll need to head back into the garden where Giulia’s bike is, and proceed to pump up the tyre.

This is a relatively easy task, and simply requires you to hit a few action cues. From here, you can use the bike to get around.

So that’s everything you need to know to find the bicycle pump in Martha is Dead and complete ‘The Bicycle’ quest. Wondering if it’s worth diving into this tragic tale? Be sure to check out our Martha is Dead review.

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