Where to find Giulia’s room key in Martha is Dead

Lauren Bergin
martha is dead giulia's room

Early on in the tragic tale of Martha is Dead, players will be tasked with finding the key to Giulia’s old room, but just where is this mysterious item and its attached pink keychain located?

Set amid the emerald pastures of a once-proud 1940s Italy, LKA’s World War II horror game Martha is Dead tasks players with uncovering the secrets behind the apparent murder of the titular character.

As her twin sister, Giulia, pulls back the veil on her sister’s passing, it turns out that the suspect may be closer to home than she first anticipated. With her parents on the chopping block, Giulia seeks the answers to her questions in her old childhood room.

It turns out, though, that her former abode has been locked up, and that the key and its associated pink keychain are hidden in the family villa. Here’s where to find this elusive object – but be aware, there are spoilers ahead.

martha is dead nanny reads giulia the story of the white lady
Giulia first hears about the ominous White Lady in her childhood room.

Where to find Giulia’s room key in Martha is Dead

For those looking to avoid spoilers; do not worry. Players obtain the key to Giulia’s room as the story progresses, so you will get it eventually. If you want to find out all of the gory details as to how you go about getting it, though, then keep reading.

As we know, Giulia’s mother always preferred Martha, seeing the outcast twin as a poor influence on her disabled sister. Therefore, she locks Giulia’s childhood room away using a key characterized by a pink keychain. Finding this out early in the game will activate the quest to find said key.

Players can obtain the key following Martha’s trip to see her sister’s body in the cemetery, which ends in a particularly brutal cutscene where Giulia is transported back to the basement. Her mother, who Giulia believes was Martha’s killer, is waiting there for her.

After an intense argument, Giulia shoots her mother using her father’s bedside pistol, killing her. On her body is the key to Giulia’s old room, which now becomes accessible – although trust us when we say you’ll probably regret finding it.

So that’s how you eventually end up with the key to Giulia’s old room. Wondering whether or not this tale of tragedy and woe is for you? Be sure to check out our official Martha is Dead review.