Kojima’s horror game allegedly titled Overdose, stars Death Stranding alum

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Margaret qualley as mama in death stranding

A new report claims Hideo Kojima’s long-rumored horror game bears the title Overdose and stars a member of the Death Stranding cast.

Rumors about Hideo Kojima’s next project began flooding the internet after Death Stranding’s late 2019 release on PS4.

But while the Metal Gear Solid creator previously expressed an interest in returning to horror, official details about the new Kojima Productions title remain under lock and key.

Hopes for a Kojima-led horror game were recently dashed, too, following comments from Death Stranding star Norman Reedus that suggested a sequel could be in the works. A new report once more raises questions about the legendary developer’s next interactive adventure.

Kojima Productions supposedly developing Overdose

Margaret qualley rumored for kojima horror game
Margaret Qualley rumored to appear in Kojima’s new game.

Writing for Try Hard Guides, industry insider Tom Henderson claims he’s seen “early footage” of Overdose, an unannounced Hideo Kojima horror game.

Allegedly, the footage features Margaret Qualley (Mama from Death Stranding) in a blue dress, traveling through dark corridors with a flashlight in hand.

The clip shows Qualley’s character from a third-person perspective, though the leaker suggested a first-person view will serve as another gameplay option.

A jump scare closes out the video, followed by “GAMEOVER” appearing on screen. Shortly thereafter, tags reading “A Hideo Kojima Game” and “OVERDOSE” pop up.

norman reedus' sam bridges in death stranding
Overdose rumors follow after Norman Reedus’ Death Stranding 2 claim.

With respect to unsubstantiated reports about Hideo Kojima inking an exclusivity deal with Xbox, Tom Henderson says he’s yet to confirm whether the two entities have finalized such a supposed agreement.

Details about whatever Kojima has up his sleeve could surface soon, however. In late May, the developer’s personal assistant shared a photo of Kojima on a Zoom call with Summer Game Fest host Geoff Keighley.

The timing of the remote meeting is interesting since Summer Game Fest premieres later this week on June 9.

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