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Gordon Hayward explains why gamers are more toxic than NBA players

Published: 24/Mar/2020 12:05

by Jacob Hale


The Boston Celtics’ Gordon Hayward has explained why he “can’t imagine” being on an NBA team as toxic as gamers are to each other during a livestream on March 24.

The Indiana-native was first drafted to the NBA in 2010, but has never made his love of video games a secret and, with the postponement of all major sporting leagues due to the ongoing global crisis, has taken to livestreaming on Twitch.

He’s not the only one, as other stars such as Arsenal’s Mesut Ozil and Sead Kolasinac have also started streaming on the platform throughout the delay.

Riot Games
Hayward has even made appearances on the desk at League of Legends tournaments.

During a League of Legends livestream, Hayward was asked who is more toxic out of NBA players or League players, and he didn’t struggle much for an answer.

“Definitely League players,” he said. “100,000%. League of Legends players are so toxic. I can’t imagine being on a team in the NBA where they’re as toxic as they are in League of Legends.”

He started laughing at the idea of his teammates flaming him for missing a three-pointer or “talking sh*t about each other during a timeout,” the idea obviously completely alien to him when considering the differences between the NBA and League players.

He went on to mention how annoying it would be if NBA players were pinging him to make runs or certain plays throughout the entire game similar to in League or any other multiplayer game.

Although Hayward was talking specifically about League of Legends, some of the phrases used such as “best three-point shooter NA” are prevalent across any major title, with players finding ways to mock their peers at any given opportunity.

Toxicity has typically been a regular component of multiplayer gaming for as long as it has been around, but like Hayward suggests, it might not be the optimal way to run a team – especially a professional sports team.


Pokemon players put on notice as ‘Temtem’ confirmed for PS5

Published: 29/Oct/2020 17:04 Updated: 29/Oct/2020 17:05

by Paul Cot


The Pokemon inspired game Temtem is now coming to the PS5 as an early access console debut exclusive.

Temtem is an increasingly popular MMORPG game which was first made available on the PC back in January 2020. It had already been announced for next-gen consoles – PS5 and Xbox Series S/X, as well as the Nintendo Switch.

However, it is PlayStation players that will get to experience Temtem first though, as it will come to the PS5 on December 8. Releases dates for the Xbox systems and Nintendo Switch have yet to be announced, but it will be launching at some point in 2021.

The official PlayStation blog confirmed that the game will feature crossplay between the PS5 and PC. Presumably, this means it will feature crossplay between all consoles when it is eventually released universally.

Unfortunately, Temtem won’t be free. The standard edition will cost $37.49 and the deluxe edition $57.49. You can find the differences between the two versions below:

Temem Standard Deluxe Version Differences
PlayStation Blog
It’ll cost you an extra 20$ for the Early Access – Camo Outfit…

Pokemon clone?

Any time a game comes out where there are various different creatures to collect and put them into battle together, comparisons to Pokemon are naturally drawn. Attempts to emulate the franchise should come as no surprise given how incredibly successful it has been.

One thing that Crema is trying to differentiate from Pokemon, is that of the game’s difficulty. “Temtem also offers some more activities, catering to the more hardcore players out there. Attempt to take on Dojo leaders in new increasingly difficult battles in weekly challenges, hunt for ultra-rare, specially colored Temtems called Lumas at the Saipark, or fish for one of the many (10,368 to be exact!) variations of Koish at the Nuru Lodge,” the PlayStation blog shared.

This is in addition to ranked battles. The developers promise that these battles will be determined by skill rather than luck.

While it’s certain that Pokemon will remain at the top of the mountain, Temtem proves that there is room for a competitor. They’ve certainly got the console advantage, but time will tell if they can even lay a glove on the monster that is the Pokemon franchise.