Gaming analyst hints at PS5 and Xbox Series X prices at launch

Lets Go Digital/Microsoft

A gaming analyst has revealed their prediction for the prices of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X – and they may cost less than you were expecting.

For console owners, the current generation of Xbox and PlayStation offerings is quickly coming to a close and it’s almost time to retire the Xbox One and PS4.

Both Microsoft and Sony have announced that their high-powered replacements in the form of the Xbox series X and PS5 will be released in the 2020 holiday season, but there are still questions to be asked. PlayStation fans are still hoping to see an actual image of the new, high-powered console but both fanbases are eager to hear about how much they’ll need to shell out.

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MicrosoftMicrosoft are the first to reveal the design of their next-generation console.

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So, that’s where gaming analyst Daniel Ahmad comes in. In a recent Twitter thread, Ahmad discussed the possibility of what both consoles cost fans when the next holiday season comes around.

“Struggling to see how PS5 / Series X can launch sub $400 given preliminary BOM for known specs,” he started off by saying, before noting that both Sony and Microsoft would take “heavy losses” unless they “price appropriately above $400.”

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Ahmad also explained that these losses aren’t exactly unusual, especially as it’s been the case with previous generations, but with the increased build prices this time around, they may have to change.

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“I don’t think it’ll be as bad as PS3, which cost $800 to build at launch (Sold for $500). But it’s something to keep in mind,” the analyst also stated.

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As of right now, Ahmed also suggested that the “bill of materials + manufacturing cost for a Series X console” would come in at around “$460 to $520,” but that doesn’t factor in predictions for making a profit.

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Of course, these are solely the analyst’s early predictions and seeing as neither Sony or Microsoft have revealed the cost of the builds, it’s unclear how accurate he might be. 

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With more details about both consoles expected to be announced in the build to their releases, it remains to be seen who will land the first blow in the next generation of the console war with a lower price tag.